First nosedive in delerium???

  • So today I had a nosedive my first major nosedive ever and maybe the first that has happened in delerium, but this is totally user error. So I had hit a big bump in the sidewalk a drop that I didn't see, probably an 1 1/2 inch drop so I didn't see it and when I landed I had landed with weight forwards and the onewheel just quit on me, I almost ran it out but ended up falling and sliding probably 50 feet and the onewheel surprisingly Sidney even tip over, my phone was in my pocket and went flying and is now cracked in a trillion places and I have massive road rash on my left side and my left elbow but I would much rather that than the 2 broken wrists I would have had if I didn't have wrist gaurds. I have been riding for about 10 months now I have ridden the v1 for a while and the plus for a while, I would have normally made it in mission but I guess I'm still getting used to stuff with delerium, I love it but be cautious on drops and stuff and wear wrist gaurds and a helmet, this isn't the first time wrist gaurds have saved my wrists, I'm certain I would have broken wrists if not wearin wrist gaurds.

    Ride safe

  • @offroadow

    Get well soon.

  • How fast do you think you were going before you hit that bump? To slide for 50' indicates you had some serious momentum.

  • @gadgetrider maybe 18-19 but I normally cruise about that on a straight stretch. It was a big drop and I slid a while as I had to walk quite a bit backwards to get the onewheel.

  • Get well soon bro! Nose diving sucks and really jolts the confidence but I guess this makes us all better riders. I myself am recovering knee surgery from a nose dive but I'm still riding! Awesome how time take the edge off some of these harrowing memories! Keep carving!

  • First nose dive today @ 1% battery going 5mph over a pretty tame dip/bump in delirium. Stayed on my feet, but not on the board.... glad I had this experience so I can be smart and resolve to avoid aggressive riding or taking bigger bumps at < 5%

  • I had a full board shut off in delirium at 19-20 mph. I have a collapsed lung and a separated shoulder. I've been in the hospital since Thursday.

  • @cameroni79 said in First nosedive in delerium???:

    I had a full board shut off in delirium at 19-20 mph. I have a collapsed lung and a separated shoulder. I've been in the hospital since Thursday.

    That's some serious damage, hope you're able to recover from this. What were the conditions leading up to your nosedive?

  • @skyman88 riding on a flat, paved road. Board shut down with zero warning.

  • @cameroni79 So if your OW+ had a wheel (like an inline skate wheel) mounted on the front bumper, would your situation have improved your chances of a less serious injury? Would the OW still have thrown you if the front wheel would just roll out? I am thinking of adapting one of my spare bumpers in this manner.

  • @gadgetrider that's a really good question. It was flat with firm resistance against my front foot. It just instantly cut all power and balance light a light switch. Potentially some small wheels up front would have made it less violent.

  • I had one nosedive on pavement so far from accelerating too fast. I was able to stay on it for a second or 2 with the front skidding on the road. Scrubbed just enough speed I was barely able to run it out. I think I just got lucky tho LOL

  • @cameroni79 prayers heading your way, hope you recover soon, my crash wasn't nearly as bad as yours get well soon!

  • @cameroni79 wondering what protective gear your were wearing, not that anything that you could've been wearing woulda changed how significant your injuries were except maybe a couple cuts and scrapes that I'm sure you have.

  • @offroadow thanks man I appreciate it.

  • @cameroni79

    Hey Cam

    I just had a full board shut down with delirium as well. Cruising at about 22mph, next thing I know I was laying in the street after hitting my head on the concrete. Luckily my helmet saved me, it took a real beating. I felt no heavy push back and the road was smooth with no bumps. Scraped up my arms, knees and bruises on side and thighs. It definitely shook me up, I know how you feel. How are you recovering? Have you got your confidence to ride again?

  • @sabernat I never have felt any pushback in delerium. According to the manual once you hit the top speed of the carving mode the front end of the board will raise up and slow you down. That absolutely doesn't happen. As far as the shut down, it happens so quickly that you would have to be a super human to react. Yesterday was two weeks since my fall. The ortho said my shoulder will never recover. There's some surgery, but he didn't recommend it. I have to get my lung xrayed again on the 20th. I'm still bleeding from where the chest tube was put in. No, I can't ride. I am only allowed to go for walks. Since it's the only exercise I'm capable of I've been doing 6-8 miles a day of walking. It's something at least.

  • @sabernat I had full board shutdown with no pushback, pulsing...NOTHING whatsoever at 20.8 mph.
    Yes, you're at your own risk when exceeding the 'max speed' but how is one supposed to know when you've hit this number? I dont want to stare at my phone checking the speedo while flying down the road, I'm certainly bound to wreck doing that.

    I'm having a hard time finding the will to get back on my OW knowing that out might just stop************ at any given time...ughhh.

  • @daarnold82 said in First nosedive in delerium???:

    Yes, you're at your own risk when exceeding the 'max speed' but how is one supposed to know when you've hit this number?

    Just keep riding faster and faster until you nosedive, then dial it back a bit.

  • @sabernat @daarnold82

    I have definitely had pushback in Delirium but again, it's been at much lower speeds. I think once your past ~15 mph there isn't much pushback left for the board to deliver.

    What about an exercise... switch back into the slowest shaping mode and work your way back up to Delirium. You should feel the push back happen at a higher speed in each shaping mode... maybe that would help you guys know what to be looking for?

    BUT be warned, in Cruz, pushback is very very aggressive and early. Use some caution for each mode and work up to pushback. I did something early on to make sure what I thought was pushback in Mission really was.

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