Santa's gona be working hard this Christmas!

  • As everyone knows, these onewheels get looks. Loads of looks! I had kids lining up at a social event to check it out, including a retired guy who used to skate hills in Hawaii. When I returned home I told my wife,

    "Parents are gona hate me come Christmas!"
    "Why?" she asked
    "Because when they see the price of the Onewheel they are gona freak!"

    But seriously this thing has been worth every penny to me. I love love love my Onewheel. By the time I saved for it the plus came out and I decided to go for the plus. After riding Delirium more and more I'm happy I got the Plus, it fits my style and terrain best I think.

    With all the exposure do you all think there will be lots of onewheels and accessories under the tree this year?

  • In my opinion, one must have a side handle and fender.

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