Onewheel Ultra

  • Would you buy a Onewheel with a 4HP motor, bigger wheel and battery for say $3000?
    I wish FM would start building more models of the OW.

  • What size tire are you thinking of?
    sonny123 did a 13" mod.
    link text

    It can get a lot silly if it's too big. I'd rather do an AirWheel mod if I wanted taller . Narrow tire for dirt off-road and wide and lower for sand.

    I think the current size is optimum. But would like it to be lighter.

    $3000 for bigger 4hp version? No thanks. Control would be an issue.

  • 13" tire mod is under powered, though still fun to ride.
    A bigger tire will need bigger motor and battery weighing upward 35-40 lbs.
    Dunno if it's commercially viable.
    Would be great if they come up with something like that down the road.
    I think the next version will have higher voltage for more speed/torque.

  • I would welcome an "ultra" version.
    but i just want the tire to be like about 6-8 cm larger in diameter, which would result in 3-4 cm more ground clearance. the larger diameter of the rim should be used for a stronger motor, but this will also require more battery (which I do already have a demand for at the current version).

    would be even better for offroad riding. more torque, more ground clearance, larger tire will better handle uneven terrain (hugher stones...).

    but i would only pay up to ~2300€ for such an upgrade...

  • Nope but I would pay 300-400 for a retro-fit battery that can be swapped out on the go.

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