2 OW+'s....Way Different Battery Life

  • OW+ #1 -- battery is amazing (6 weeks old)
    OW+ #2 -- batter is not so amazing (2 weeks old)
    Will go on same ride, in same mode, with 2 people of same weight.
    Here are some examples of comparisons between the two.
    #1 will have 92% battery left while #2 has 68% left (at the same point on the ride).
    #1 will have 48% battery life while #2 has less than 5% life left.

    Has anyone experienced this?

  • That's pretty severe disparity, have you tried switching boards & riders? I wonder if it's due to riding style. In my limited experience going offroad and using the flat part of the tire uses more battery than carving on tire edges on smooth pavement.

  • You can also try running it down to slap empty and plugging it in overnight. That might help recalibrate the battery.

  • So, I have tried different riders.... Not much difference.
    I put my 80lb kid on #2 with the battery issue. It still runs out early.
    As for running it to zero, that happens all the time when we go out because it always runs out of battery so much sooner than board #1. Just went on a 5 mile road loop and it was at 3% by the time we made it back. My lighter friend was on this one, while me, heavier, still had 19% battery life (and I was riding much more aggressively than my friend who was on his first day of riding).

  • I'll be getting my second OW in about a week or so. Hope the battery life is similar to my #1. Sounds like the original poster has a significant issue with his #2.

  • @culberson that's a pretty big difference however riding style has a big impact on battery consumption. If you're both doing the exact same ride, riding the same way and you weigh about the same, the battery difference is pretty substantial and maybe you oughta run the board that's not performing as well down to zero and then let it do a 48-hour charge.

  • Have you checked the tire pressures? Just 1 psi difference already makes a noticeable impact on battery life.

    As a rule of thumb, the higher the pressure, the more range you'll have, but the board will become less stable and more difficult to ride.

  • @lirou speaks wise words

  • The app can be off - a better measure would be to run them from full charge to dead. Then measure the distance.

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