UK newbie needs a onewheel

  • Hi all. I'm a new member living near Liverpool, UK and I want to buy an original V1 onewheel.

    I'm certainly not a youngster (retired now!!) but I bought a solowheel a year or two ago and couldn't get on with it...the onewheel 'looks' easier but of course I've yet to find out......

    Grateful if anyone has a good wheel for sale secondhand, or can point me to a new one in the UK?

    regards Gerry

  • A bit disappointed that nobody has replied. Surely someone in the UK must know where to buy one...??

    I've pm'd a guy who I thought could help but no reply either.

  • @thehoff can you provide a referral for @gerrymoore ?

  • @gerrymoore I have a used V1 available. However I live in the Netherlands so let me know if you would be interested in a used one overseas.

  • @groovyruvy just a big up for you buddy! You're always helping newbies to found the good contact ! That's why this community is so cool ;) Big up again !

  • @fabuz bro thank you, and right back atcha! You've been here longer than I and I love that you're always sharing your stoke with your great videos! Onewheel riders of the world unite!!

  • @ltl ..Hiya...yes but it all depends on the price (including delivery) to UK. Could you describe the condition and kms driven please......thanks Gerry

  • @gerrymoore I have two. One is almost new. I bought this as a Back-up and fortunately never needed it. And one is more used. However I prefer local testing and pick-up. I would rather have a happy onewheeler that has tested before he buys. The price won't be an issue for me it is about sharing the stoke so for 500 euro for the used or 700 for the almost new one I'm happy. I now own the plus and keep one v1.

  • @ltl Hiya..not sure if I'm using the forum correctly..i did reply to you but it seems to have disappeared somewhere?? I would like to buy the newer one from you if possible but would not be able to test ride it.

    I am happy to trust you but would like some pictures and information about how far it has been driven. I can pay you via paypal or direct bank transfer and would of course pay for the shipping to UK if that is possible?

    Can you contact me directly through my email so I know we are communicating

    Although I am not in a 'hurry' I am excited about the chance to buy one and start to learn to ride it!! Thanks Gerry Moore

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