Do not ride at high speed!

  • I'm currently in the hospital with a collapsed lung and a separated shoulder. I've been here since Thursday. I've ridden in delirium at 20 mph no problem. It just cruised right along. Thursday the board just shut off. I was rolling along on a flat street at 19-20. No pushback at all. The sudden shut off threw me forward. I laid in the street for 30 minutes before being collected by an ambulance. These boards will not maintain speed! There are numerous examples.

  • Oh man. Sorry to hear it.
    Hope you get better soon.

  • I agree, I have a bruised hip. tons of road rash was riding fine it shut off and tossed me flat road more than 50% battery. torn everything. I can see manufacture law suit coming unless they address this quickly.

  • Wow, good luck with your injuries man! Hope you get better soon...
    No offence, but if you didn't feel pushback at 20mph, probably you were pushing through it?

  • @polle well delirium says it's good to 20. Also I've felt the push back plenty in both delirium and mission. This time I was getting zero noticeable push back. Either way shutting off isn't exactly the ideal response even if you're pushing through.

  • There is no power left to save you if your maxed out at 20mph. The board is not magic. Sorry to hear ya got messed up but you have to respect the boards limitations. It only has so much power. Your using it all going little bump or slight shift of weight forward and it has nothing left to save you. This is why I just cruise along at 10-15mph...still loads of fun and I have some safety margin before I max out the board. I am too old to crash!

  • @cascadewheeler well you would think it would give you major pushback before just dumping you in the street. If it's not safe to go 20, then delirium shouldn't say it'll do 20. It's insane that the app advertises a certain speed that will cause abrupt and total failure that will cause massive injury. On top of that they have a leaderboard that incentivizes going faster.

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  • @cameroni79 People would freak out if they lowered the max speed to 15. There are those that like to push the limits. I do totally get that maybe they should not be trying to get people to break top speeds with a "leader board" you will never see my name on that! This is a board sport like skating or snowboarding. You can get bit hard when you push the limits. They say its good to 20....that means at 20.5 your going down hard most likely. Im not trying to be a dick or anything and I am sorry you got hurt that freaking sucks. Just trying to save you and others from more hospital visits.

  • @cameroni79 said in Do not ride at high speed!:

    @cascadewheeler well you would think it would give you major pushback before just dumping you in the street. If it's not safe to go 20, then delirium shouldn't say it'll do 20. It's insane that the app advertises a certain speed that will cause abrupt and total failure that will cause massive injury. On top of that they have a leaderboard that incentivizes going faster.

    Sorry to hear about the injuries, sounds like a very serious impact.

    Where would the power come from for major pushback? I feel push back at 15 mph, so I know past that to some degree I'm on my own. How many miles on your board?

    I know @slydogstroh cruises at 20-23 mph all day but his balance and skill are way above average.

  • @cameroni79 Delerium is good to bursts of 20+mph on the right surface, with the right grade, piloted by the right rider. You have to realize that at those speeds your margin of remaining engine capacity is razor thin and that you, the rider, are more responsible for your fore-aft balance than the combined motor, circuits, and algorithms. Because you're on the verge of exceeding the capacity of what they're capable of you have to be ready to pull back as soon as you feel the engine about to give out.

    I got pretty good at this on my V1 but I don't have the protective equipment to fully speed test my +. The energy of a crash increases exponentially with velocity and I'm actually pretty happy with being able to go 17-18 mph without being constantly on the verge of eating shit.

    I think it's insane all these 5 week OW+ owners (not you specifically, OP, just people I've seen on the FB group) bragging about their 22mph records. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to dance with the speed devil to be damn sure they can balance on the board in a freewheel situation for at least a couple of seconds. A balance board on a roller is probably the best training for this, but you can also just try standing on your powered down OW and balancing in the grass.

    Sorry about your injuries @cameroni79 and thank you for posting. Maybe your warning will save some pain, suffering, and missed work for some other rider(s). Hope you heal up quick. How many ribs did you fracture? Chest tube out yet?

  • @bmtka chest tube is still in. Was hoping to get it out today, but no dice. Lung started to collapse again. In response to some other posts, I've had no trouble cruising at 19-20 mph. My record is 21.7. That being said, there was zero warning on this crash. It shut down totally. I drive track and do some pretty cool stuff, but I would have had to have been spider man to have reacted to this. It was instant failure.

  • @cameroni79 That's what I'm saying. The nosedive at speed is basically just the motor cutting out and you need to react. You basically have to be Spiderman and you can be, but it takes months of familiarization with the subtleties of the board and developing muscle memory to deal with the unexpected.

    I've said this many, many times on this forum, the biggest problem with OneWheel is it gives new riders way too much confidence too soon. It's so easy to get the hang of and the fun of it is incredible so it's inevitable that you start to push yourself more than you should. I know I did. Broke my arm 5 weeks in on the V1.

    You were able to "cruise" at that speed before, but this time something was different (assuming you didn't catch a corner turning). It could have been very subtle, but something caused the motor to overrun and dump you this time. You have to already be expecting it to react.

    17-18 is really the top speed for "cruising" comfortably. Above that you have to be in a pretty athletic mindset.

  • @inthemud

    I'm worried that they do get sued or get classified as a dangerous product. It will close them down. Some countries stop the import of "toys" if it is deemed dangerous.

  • @jaconz that's a very valid concern.

  • for those that are saying you shouldn't be pushing or doing what we are doing are totally wrong. I have driven a ton of stuff and never has the equipment shut off to stop dead and make me spiderman. sorry that is just plain wrong, it should not nose dive period. never want it to be deemed dangerous but need onewheel to respond quickly to the issues.

  • @inthemud And what would you suggest they do? There is no push the board to far you may get hurt. Take some personal responsibility or find another hobby. I ride dirtbikes, snowboards, and other dangerous activities. I dont blame KTM when I crash my moto from taking a turn to fast or Lib Tech when I jump off a cliff and break a leg. You must stay within your and your equipments limits or bad things happen.

  • @inthemud I would have been one of those guys before Thursday, but now I agree with you. The way it's currently designed is totally insane. There's a leader board encouraging you to try to be the fastest, but the wheel itself is designed to just cut off and throw you if you aren't spider man. This hospital run is going to be over 100,000 dollars. My shoulder is most likely damaged for life. The onewheel plus is not an okay item.

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  • Sorry for your accident and the necessity of dealing with for-profit healthcare.

    Fully agree that the speed side of the leaderboard should be removed from the app. Game-ifying speed is a bad idea.

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