Do not ride at high speed!

  • @njacobs Just as a pointer that you are probably well aware of: placing the front foot as close to the fender reduces the leverage that your weight can exert on the board causing the nosedive. The back foot, I find, can be further back as I rarely ever heard of tail dives. I think even if FM puts some graphics on the front foot pad ("place front foot here..."), it would train people to keep their foot in closer to the fulcrum (axle). I've noticed that it is much harder to force a nosedive when I do this as opposed to putting the front foot way out in front.

    Of course by keeping your feet a little closer together, you may not feel as stable as a wide stance but in doing so, you will naturally go a little slower which is good for the OW and ultimately you the rider (less time in the hospital if any).

  • @desperado if you’ve ever ridden an electric unicycle you’ll realize what a real motor can accomplish. With your weight over the axle and a 1600w motor it feels like a flying platform. The torque is unreal and it acellerates like a bullet with zero forward five of the pedals.

  • @cameroni79

    Agree but I bought my OW+ eyes wide open about capability. If you want top speed a Boosted or Evolve is more suited. I enjoy not sweating over the crappy pavement/sidewalks in NE and the ability to take the board to the beach. I'll trade top speed & aggressive acceleration any day for the quality of the ride and the terrain possible to attack.

  • @skyman88 I agree with you, but that’s not the argument here. The argument is that the board is dangerous based on the claims that fm is making about its abilities. Hence the thread that I started called Do not ride at high speed. The board simply is underpowered.

  • @cameroni79

    Agree... but when I see a video for a snowboard and a guys doing back flips and grinding off some ledge, I am well aware the the board is capable of doing those things but I know I lack the skills.

    Having folks better understand the limits of the board would be a practical solution. And no mater what they or any other company does, the responsibility of learning how a product works falls on the user. I believe since it is so natural and easy to ride, the OW can make riders feel over confident due to how comfortable they get but they are unaware how close a limit may be.

    With the single wheel and the foot stance (which I greater prefer to having them side by side) having the ability to overpower any motor is always a possibility. Even if FM tripled the motor capability, a large rider or someone carrying 30 packs would find a way to defeat push back.... it's only a matter of time.

  • @skyman88 well, maybe. The problem there is that the onewheel really has no safety or real warning. No hard cap either. All that is fine, if fm was willing to tell the user about catastrophic failure of the self balancing function. Something like IF YOU RIDE FAST THE BOARD WILL OVERLOAD AND THROW YOU TO THE PAVEMENT! What little warnings they give are vague and do not explain what is happening.

  • Just what we need, more safety labels and warnings.

  • Cry babies, Take responsibilities for your own actions. Like other people say it’s you not a bord. Push hard and pay the price. It has one wheel for God sake, and if you want safe-walk. You decided to ride at 20mph.

  • @celebro wrong attitude. I ride all sorts of vehicles. They advertise the abilities of the board. It doesn’t deliver. The motor is too weak for what they’re trying to do. If they advertised a 15 mph board no one would be complaining.

  • @cameroni79 OW for sure can hit 20mph and then some. Rider weight, skill level, terrain and other factors have a lot to do with whether that ends up good or in a nosedive. I don't understand guys just jumping on a onewheel for the first time and slamming on it to see how fast they can go, that's asking for trouble. As long as a rider masters the basics and eases into higher speeds, each person can figure out what their own personal limits are.

  • @cameroni79 said in Do not ride at high speed!:

    @celebro wrong attitude. I ride all sorts of vehicles. They advertise the abilities of the board. It doesn’t deliver. The motor is too weak for what they’re trying to do. If they advertised a 15 mph board no one would be complaining.

    Dude I am 6'4" 240 lbs on a good hauls me around fine on and off road. Give it a rest. Your attitude is what is wrong with the world today. We are turning into a bunch of people that rely solely on others to take care of them. Its dangerous to ride...most fun things are.

  • @cascadewheeler I’m 6’2” 205 pounds and an athlete. The wheel isn’t safe under advertised numbers. It flat out isn’t. It’s a fifteen mph board.

  • Its the old "speeds up to 20mph" thing. I have only had mine up to 18.5...plenty fast for me. Felt sketchy...I am old and dont like to crash anymore! So I just cruise!

    Proof it will haul a monster around...

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    Join the club. Happened to me yesterday. 20+ mph in delirium mode. Cruising along and the board just shut off and sent me flying.

  • I joined the club yesterday as well, see my post here:

  • @cascadewheeler - Nice riding.

    It has become clear to me after reading threads like this that people who weigh maybe 150lbs and higher should not flirt with 20mph.

  • OW is not dangerous the way other board sports are. E.g. a snowboard will punish you when you push your own ability too far but for most people the board is far more capable than the rider: it's your fault if you fall. OW, however, is far less capable than the rider. If there was a skateboard with wheels that suddenly lock up if you put too much weight on them, or a snowboard with an edge that somehow retracts when you carve too hard, we'd have a fair comparison. A "safe" board is one that lets you push your limits without worrying about the limits of the board.

    I just got back from a sweet trail ride where I took some falls that were definitely my fault, just couldn't stay balanced going over some roots. No complaints, my skills will improve, and didn't make me distrust the board. Took a couple nosedives though that were, as always, out of nowhere, when I wasn't pushing my limits. I do keep my feet centered for maneuverability, but I guess I need to bring the front foot back a bit.

  • @ogtalbot

    Hopefully you heal up quickly. Looks like it might just be a little road rash, anything broken?

    I have wrist guards and a helmet on at all times if going more than 5 mph (exception is from car to office at 6am). Have any gear on when you went down?

  • @skyman88 nothing broken, although I very well could have. I'll know next time not to break any records. I had nothing protective on. T shirt, shorts shoes, and a bag of drinks in one hand. They comically went sailing.

  • @Cameroni79 The same thing happened to me. No pushback. No warning. It just shut off. Wishing you the best!

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