Do not ride at high speed!

  • I had only had my V2 for a couple days before my first nosedive. I was riding in mission and not going full speed, I felt no pushback before the board stopped balancing me. I smashed up my knee into the pavement and may need surgery. This happened last Saturday.

  • @lirou said in Do not ride at high speed!:

    Also notice that nosedives have nothing to do with going a particular speed, but actually with the load on the motor. The top speed you'll be able to achieve depends os several variables, such as slope, tire pressure, rider weight, terrain, wind, rider stance, etc...

    Just because you hit whatever mph under certain conditions, it does not mean that you'll be able to do it under another set of conditions.

    Yes, delirium advertises it is possible to achieve 20mph. This is not a guaranty you'll be able to achieve that speed under all conditions.

    Exactly this. Things like stance or distribution of weight in your pack or whether you pooped yet that day, subtle wind direction changes or variances in air pressure and humidity, exact type of surface paving material and your tire pressure; these all factor into motor load. I suppose that a very high ambient temperature would also potentially lower your top speed because of less efficient motor cooling. This thought has made me more reserved about pushing higher speeds on really hot days.

    The OW+ is actually marketed as a 19mph top-speed machine. You can maybe argue that the app is part of that marketing, but you can't even see the shaping modes untill a board is connected and we didn't even know about delerium until a few days after the first boards were sent out and they finally dropped the app.

    Last night I thought that maybe an audio warning would be a reasonable last failsafe, but I doubt it would work in time for most people who would ignore pushback to the point of motor failure and it would just startle and enrage advanced riders.

    Jeeze, I hate to even suggest paternalistic gatekeeping, but is that what is needed? Should new owners have to reach certainl thresholds before higher speed shaping is enabled for them? Like you need 300 miles under your belt for mission and 600 for delerium? Should FM gamify their liability management, "Achievement Unlocked! -- Rider, you have ridden for 50 miles switchstance in Sequoia and now have the ability to try Cruz shaping. Congratulations!"

    Maybe a mandatory online safety class with a test at the end before being given an unlock code for the app?

    Perhaps new riders should be made to fly out to San Jose to undergo 8 hours of intensive physics lessons and crash training on a padded course before having their boards shipped?

    Of course, these are ridiculous ideas, but you get the point.

  • @nathan It sounds like you might have been off a sensor for too long. It happens when you're just figuring your stance out. Was much more a problem on V1 but I've seen others do it on the +.

    Did you twist your knee or just bash it?

  • @bmtka just bashed it really bad. The ER doc said they are treating as an avulsion but I need to see a specialist

    I would really love to know if my foot came off the sensor or not. I've sent the diagnostics to FM but have not followed up.

  • @nathan Avulsion fracture? Ewwww. Knee pads? If so, what kind?

  • I wasn't wearing knee pads. I'm sure I'd be doing a lot better right now if I had. I've definitely learned my lesson there.

  • @bmtka said in Do not ride at high speed!:

    @nathan It sounds like you might have been off a sensor for too long. It happens when you're just figuring your stance out. Was much more a problem on V1 but I've seen others do it on the +.

    Did you twist your knee or just bash it?

    Being off a sensor doesn't shut down the board unless you're going less than 1mph.

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    Being off a sensor doesn't shut down the board unless you're going less than 1mph.

    You are correct. I could have sworn there was a time when you had about 5 seconds on the V1, but I just rode all around my yard on one sensor on my +. It was very awkward.

    @Nathan, that wasn't your problem--the sensor thing, not the lack of pads. :)

    You weren't by chance carving on a bit of an uphill gradient, were you? Or kind of rapidly accelerating on one? If your battery wasn't empty or overcharged and your crash was genuinely caused by the motor cutting out, you might have a faulty board. Hard to tell without sending it in since you're probably staying off of it for the most part right now. You know any experienced riders in your area who could maybe test it for you?

  • I had just come up a short 4' incline and was on a level surface going completely straight the entire way. I was not carving. It was hot out, it could have been 110 degrees if that factors in.

    My initial thought was that it shutdown for overcharge protection because I had just fully charged it. But I had rode a little before the nosedive and my battery level was under 95% when I checked. Also, the app says I've regenerated 0.00000 Amp Hours.

  • @nathan Bet it was the temp. The sudden work done by that quick elevation gain probably added just enough to the heat built up somewhere in the system to trigger shutdown.

  • @bmtka would there be an app alert with this scenario? I didn't get anything.

  • @nathan Not that I know of. It never gets that hot where FM is based. They don't list any range of operating temps for the board itself, just the charger (32°F-122°F FYI).

    But 110°F is some crazy high heat for electronics under either mechanical or processing load. All kinds of electronics have their cooling mechanisms defeated well below that. Bet you couldn't use your laptop outside or use GPS on your phone without sudden shutdown/reboot when it was that hot. OW isn't made to military specs or anything. Probably worth telling them about it, TBH so they're aware of the issue.

  • @bmtka I'm not that far from FM. About 6 hours south in the same state.

  • @nathan Isn't Death Valley like 6 hours south of FM in the same state?

  • @cameroni79 How did you land? Did you slide or roll? Did you hit your head?

  • @jaconz rolled. Didn't hit my head or any typical spots.

  • @cameroni79

    How you feelin today and did the doctors have some good news hopefully?

  • @sonny123 good and bad news. They pulled the tube out, but the follow up X-ray showed my lung had collapsed some more. I'm spending another night in critical care. Another X-ray is to be taken tomorrow and if it hasn't corrected itself they're going to put another tube back in. I think I'd rather just jump out the window.

  • @cameroni79

    Prayers heading your way.
    Hang in there and keep the faith.

  • @bmtka California dreamed and designed...but not ready for summer in SoCal?

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