Do not ride at high speed!

  • @bmtka I'm not that far from FM. About 6 hours south in the same state.

  • @nathan Isn't Death Valley like 6 hours south of FM in the same state?

  • @cameroni79 How did you land? Did you slide or roll? Did you hit your head?

  • @jaconz rolled. Didn't hit my head or any typical spots.

  • @cameroni79

    How you feelin today and did the doctors have some good news hopefully?

  • @sonny123 good and bad news. They pulled the tube out, but the follow up X-ray showed my lung had collapsed some more. I'm spending another night in critical care. Another X-ray is to be taken tomorrow and if it hasn't corrected itself they're going to put another tube back in. I think I'd rather just jump out the window.

  • @cameroni79

    Prayers heading your way.
    Hang in there and keep the faith.

  • @bmtka California dreamed and designed...but not ready for summer in SoCal?

  • Everybody saying 20 is the brink of death is dead wrong I confidently ride 20-23 and so does my 11year old sister, I say that if you push more than that 😵😵😵
    But I feel sudden pushback even at 18ish in delerium and especially at 20 you didn't get pushback because I think you pushed it too hard. Delerium is meant to go comfortably at 20 and I think it does...

  • @nathan I dunno, man. It's a changing climate. It's just something that makes sense to me that would explain your failure. That's assuming it actually did shut down and you didn't just auger it in like is usually the case for most people.

    @offroadow How much do you and your 11yo sis weigh, if you don't mind my asking.

  • Difficult to make out what's what in this crazy post-Andromeda era. I've had only minor hiccups on my + (mainly, acceleration pulsing when hill climbing) but a bunch of my bros have had serious issues- boards bricking (won't turn on or off) and one advanced rider who I really trust says he was tossed off while going 8mph, says the board just shut off. I trust him big time and he's a great rider. I've just not had that happen to me. In any event, it saddens me to hear about @Cameroni79 's serious injury. Everyone's going to do what they feel is best, for me that means wearing full pads every time, and paying close attention at all times. I pretty much ride like the board could quit on me at any moment (it hasn't), but I push hard because with pads I feel I'm prepared (or as prepared as one can be for a fall).

  • @groovyruvy yeah. I had ridden for miles as that speed in delirium. Ridden that same road plenty too. I can't express enough that it just dropped me with zero warning. Pads would have been useless in my situation. Elbows, knees, hands, wrists, and head were all just fine. I took major damage to my left should and chest. Aside from that it was just the expected road rash.

  • @cameroni79 the same happened to me once on an Original OW. Freaked me out and I sustained a nice bloody wound. Contacted FM about it and they sent me a new pair of footpads, never had the issue after that. Heal fast brother.

  • @groovyruvy cool. Thanks for letting me know.

  • FWIW I got the uphill stutter in delerium tonight going not very fast, freaked me out a little.

  • @readysetawesome I know what you're talking about, I think. It almost feels like it slips and then more torque comes on, right? That might just be the motor.

  • @cameroni79 said in Do not ride at high speed!:

    @readysetawesome I know what you're talking about, I think. It almost feels like it slips and then more torque comes on, right? That might just be the motor.

    @Cameroni79 Hopefully the forum here is helping keep your mind occupied while you're waiting for good news... even if it's a post about your accident.

    I get the stutter when pushing the board up hill to fast or over inclines quickly... after a week you kind of know when you expect them and I don't mind them personally. You know the board is keep you moving and upright and is applying torque in a fashion to keep you safe. A little unnerving the first few times but you may get used to it.

  • @cameroni79 said in Do not ride at high speed!:

    @bmtka chest tube is still in. Was hoping to get it out today, but no dice. Lung started to collapse again. In response to some other posts, I've had no trouble cruising at 19-20 mph. My record is 21.7. That being said, there was zero warning on this crash. It shut down totally. I drive track and do some pretty

    High speed motor cut-out is very easy to recover from if your body is balanced properly over the wheel and your knees aren't stiff. If your form is good, the motor cuts out for a fraction of a second, then engages again and you keep on riding. It's terrifying, but not the type of thing that means instant nosedive.

    Also, like other people have said, max speed is based on many factors, tire pressure, terrain, weight of the rider, wind direction, riding stance etc..... When they said max speed is 20mph I think it's implied that you don't weigh 250 lbs riding uphill for example. Once you pass pushback, you're on your own.

  • I can't believe this, but they're putting another tube through my ribs.

  • @cameroni79 im going to say aprayer for you now and continue praying for you. Hang in there. Dont lose hope. Be brave!

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