Do not ride at high speed!

  • @bmtka it definitely cut out. You don't have to be a OW pro to know what it feels like to have no auto balance. Before the nosedive my tail was scraping the ground for a brief second. I went from skidding on the tail to a nosedive with zero resistance.

  • @nathan Your tail was scraping? Was that because you'd just reached level after a steep incline? How full was your battery? Almost sounds like overvoltage pushback/shut down. I'm kind of stumped.

    I'm not pretending to know what your problem was. I usually tell people suddenly having trust issues with the board after an incident is to pad up and just ride it carefully until your confidence is restored or you are able to replicate an issue that requires service.

  • I had been using Delirium in offroad and Mission for street but for the past week I've been using Delirium for pretty much everything, and I'm diggin' it. I still notice the pulsing on inclines but I guess I've gotten used to it. No issues with the board cutting out although I don't think I've gone much past 17-18.

  • @inthemud What would you like to happen then? There is no other possible outcome when you push the board past it's limit besides a nosedive. If you don't want the motor to cut out don't push the board past its capacity to keep you balanced. Pushback is the motor accelerating which forces the nose of the board higher telling you to back off. Once you are past pushback there is nothing left for the board to do. You are on a SINGLE wheel not a skateboard not a scooter you have one singular wheel that is balancing you at speeds of 15-20mph. I don't know what else you think future motion can do besides setting the speed limit to 15mph which would suck for everyone.

  • @groovyruvy

    Yep, full time Delirium here.
    And I kinda know when to anticipate those surges.
    They don't bother me at all.

  • @cascadewheeler yeeeaa libtech! Banana life

  • @slazzo said in Do not ride at high speed!:

    @cascadewheeler yeeeaa libtech! Banana life

    I'm in total love with my birdman black powder board. :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @utsu I nearly took that trophy. Punctured lung was causing too much pressure on my heart.

  • @cameroni79 said in Do not ride at high speed!:

    @groovyruvy yeah. I had ridden for miles as that speed in delirium. Ridden that same road plenty too. I can't express enough that it just dropped me with zero warning. Pads would have been useless in my situation. Elbows, knees, hands, wrists, and head were all just fine. I took major damage to my left should and chest. Aside from that it was just the expected road rash.

    How would you describe your stance the day of your accident? Do you keep your feet close to the wheel, in the middle of the pads, or wide close to the ends?

  • @v850tw close to the wheel. When riding off-road where a lot of agility is needed I use a wider stance. For road riding it’s always close.

  • @cameroni79 Late to this thread, but just checking in to see how your recovery is going.

  • @philipkd doc says that the shoulder is about as good as it’s gonna get. I’m cleared for some light weight training. I’ve worked up to a ten pound dumbbell. The lung is recovered, but I still have a big gash in my side. Mostly it doesn’t cause problems, just when something pulls against it. Still going for long walks for exercise. Thanks for asking.

  • @cameroni79 Alright Cameron! Happy to hear you're doing better.

  • We have to talk about the bad and we can to talk about the good too. I Never had any issue ridin' high speed, off road or concrete....and delirium mode is just so insane...powerful and stabilty...
    Sorry to hear you get a big injury.Heal up fast !

  • @offroadow OK, if you have an 11-year old sister, you are probably not a 200lb 6' dude. You cannot extrapolate your experience to every other rider.

    As a 190lb 6' dude - I CANNOT ride at 20-23 without very real risk of nose-diving.

    The OP has a point - advertising 20mph, then encouraging people to ride even faster is probably a risky marketing approach.

    I promise you, as a very competent rider, I cannot play with the >20mph speeds, even on the best surfaces. I have done it. I have a broken clavicle to prove it.

    Have fun as a small rider (my GF is 115lbs and can go much faster than me), but be careful about extrapolating your personal experience!

  • @gwinntanamo I just broke my clavicle 3.5 weeks ago and am just starting PT I was probably doing close to 20 was fully crouched feeling the grass with my palm when I found a rogue pot hole in the pasture and uncoiled all of my inertia into the ground 20 ft later landing lead clavicle first. Broke into 4 pieces but still didn't need surgery. I've heard of alot of these splattered clavs lately. I've been riding OG OW for 2 years before getting plus. Had plenty of nosedives but never ending in disaster. Might b time to invent some kind of shoulder/clavicle protection for high speed trail riding especially.0_1507229610247_IMG_1598.jpg
    This is me sometime between leaving the board and hitting the ground. I'll post the video asap.

  • @ashewheeler

    This guy does extreme Unicycling.

    Scroll down to take a look at some homemade wrist guards,
    and protection he use for his upper body.

  • @gwinntanamo this is the truth. I’m 6’1” and 210 pounds. I believe they advertise max rider weight at like 280? What fm needs to do is adjust one number or the other. You can’t advertise 280 pounds and 20 mph. It isn’t realistic. I’m an athletic person that does quite a lot of running/cycling. Unfortunately the gym time also means I’m going to be heavy. Being 70 pounds under the max weight I felt like the OW wouldn’t have trouble moving me along. That was a very bad assumption.

  • @ashewheeler That's an amazing photo.

    I'm super sorry about your fractures. I feel your pain!

    Yeah, I've looked into motorcycle armor for my shoulders, but I think I'm just not going to push it anymore. I was pushing 23 mph when I ate shit - I don't need to go that fast.

    If you have the video, post it (morbid curiosity).

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