Do not ride at high speed!

  • @cameroni79 Late to this thread, but just checking in to see how your recovery is going.

  • @philipkd doc says that the shoulder is about as good as it’s gonna get. I’m cleared for some light weight training. I’ve worked up to a ten pound dumbbell. The lung is recovered, but I still have a big gash in my side. Mostly it doesn’t cause problems, just when something pulls against it. Still going for long walks for exercise. Thanks for asking.

  • @cameroni79 Alright Cameron! Happy to hear you're doing better.

  • We have to talk about the bad and we can to talk about the good too. I Never had any issue ridin' high speed, off road or concrete....and delirium mode is just so insane...powerful and stabilty...
    Sorry to hear you get a big injury.Heal up fast !

  • @offroadow OK, if you have an 11-year old sister, you are probably not a 200lb 6' dude. You cannot extrapolate your experience to every other rider.

    As a 190lb 6' dude - I CANNOT ride at 20-23 without very real risk of nose-diving.

    The OP has a point - advertising 20mph, then encouraging people to ride even faster is probably a risky marketing approach.

    I promise you, as a very competent rider, I cannot play with the >20mph speeds, even on the best surfaces. I have done it. I have a broken clavicle to prove it.

    Have fun as a small rider (my GF is 115lbs and can go much faster than me), but be careful about extrapolating your personal experience!

  • @gwinntanamo I just broke my clavicle 3.5 weeks ago and am just starting PT I was probably doing close to 20 was fully crouched feeling the grass with my palm when I found a rogue pot hole in the pasture and uncoiled all of my inertia into the ground 20 ft later landing lead clavicle first. Broke into 4 pieces but still didn't need surgery. I've heard of alot of these splattered clavs lately. I've been riding OG OW for 2 years before getting plus. Had plenty of nosedives but never ending in disaster. Might b time to invent some kind of shoulder/clavicle protection for high speed trail riding especially.0_1507229610247_IMG_1598.jpg
    This is me sometime between leaving the board and hitting the ground. I'll post the video asap.

  • @ashewheeler

    This guy does extreme Unicycling.

    Scroll down to take a look at some homemade wrist guards,
    and protection he use for his upper body.

  • @gwinntanamo this is the truth. I’m 6’1” and 210 pounds. I believe they advertise max rider weight at like 280? What fm needs to do is adjust one number or the other. You can’t advertise 280 pounds and 20 mph. It isn’t realistic. I’m an athletic person that does quite a lot of running/cycling. Unfortunately the gym time also means I’m going to be heavy. Being 70 pounds under the max weight I felt like the OW wouldn’t have trouble moving me along. That was a very bad assumption.

  • @ashewheeler That's an amazing photo.

    I'm super sorry about your fractures. I feel your pain!

    Yeah, I've looked into motorcycle armor for my shoulders, but I think I'm just not going to push it anymore. I was pushing 23 mph when I ate shit - I don't need to go that fast.

    If you have the video, post it (morbid curiosity).

  • FM needs to emphasize the "CAVEATS" of their product.

    Its not their fault that injuries occur, but some people just dont understand "Murphys Law".

    Or even the "Laws of Gravity"

    Gravity is constant so I wonder why most people ignore it or even underestimate it.

    Riding and traveling at high speed is enjoyable. Its the sudden stop that kills you.

  • I'm betting most people here own a car that will go in excess of 120mph, maybe 140. How many of you have driven over 100?

    What is lacking here, I think, is a better instruction manual. The Wiki is getting there, but people need to know how this thing works. One drill I make anyone do who is going to try it, is to have them try and balance in place with the OW turned off. That simulates what you are doing when you ride through pushback. When you are through pushback, all you have is your own balance and the tiny amount of gyro effect from the wheel itself. I have no interest in exploring that regime. I've spent more than my share of time in ICU as a result of high speed excursions (motorcycles, not OWs) but they're all been in full knowledge of what I was risking. It wouldn't occur to me to blame Triumph because I had on off at 140mph. I guess FM could put warning stickers all over the thing like they do on new bikes.

  • @nicktulloh I often try to balance on OW with the power turned off. I think my record is like 2 seconds.

  • im 6'2" and weigh about 180. i pumped the stock vega up to 24.5#'s just to see. (a tip i read on this board that came with no explanation except less surge/pushback). i absolutely love it. i feel so much more comfortable on the board. the carving is much smoother and im flying up the same hill on my road without the surge/pushback feelings i was getting at 20#'s. i was even tempting the board by getting going 15mph or so, slamming on the breaks for a split second and then starting a sharp carve on and off the hump in the middle of the road, with no care about keeping my weight balanced. it was awesome. im also so much faster on the board. the pickup is like my fiance who weighs 107#. the assistance from the board i struggled a little bit with while carving is gone. at least i can't tell its happening. i also tried coming up my driveway, think crazy mtn gravel driveway, and made it farther than i ever have before. i thought it would be way worse at this poundage. i haven't tried it on trails yet but i feel a lot more comfortable with how loose and fast the board is for me in mission now. it really made the concrete feel like i was floating. now im back to all kinds of false confidence. until my next spill brethren.

  • @nicktulloh your comparison doesn’t quite hold water since cars and motorcycles don’t just fall over once you’ve over exerted the engine. I track bikes and cars. The closest thing I could even compare to a full blown ow nosedive is blowing a tire on a bike. Even then you can sort of ride it out if you aren’t in a turn. The ow nosedive is a phenomenon that fm needs to make painfully clear to consumers. Their language is woefully inadequate. Simple language like “If you ride faster than recommended the motor will cut out and the board will no longer balance.” Unfortunately this can happen at lower speeds than the dilirium advertised 20 mph.

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  • @rk_d I’ll never take mine above low speed. Having received a “mortal” wound and being fixed in the trauma ward was enough to cure me. I just flat out don’t trust the high speed mode.

  • @cameroni79 yeah! I am past my prime and stunts with motorized vehicles is a thing of the past for me. OW has definitely got some issues and inherent limits when it comes to fail resistance. It is , what it is and knowing limits can minimize our trips to the ER.

    I can point out alot of the failure points of the OW, but it would just upset many die hard fanboys. Just enjoy and know your own limits.

  • @bmtka The board "powered off". That's not rider failure.

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  • I had a hard fall 3 days ago the resulted in me fracturing my Humerus (upper arm) bone. I’ve been skate boarding and snowboarding for many years so riding the one wheel was very natural. I’ve also read a lot of stories around here when trying to hit the top speed and so I never attempt it nor do I ever try to push through the push back. I think the top speed recorded in my app is around 18-19mph and I’m sure it was downhill at some point. But I’m very happy staying under 16mph.

    Anyways I was just casually riding to my mailbox which I do on the one whee daily. I was on the road accelerating and was at around 14-16 mph in a straight line and the front of the board just dropped during acceleration and was able to run it out for 2 steps before I came crashing down. I was in complete shock that the board just dumped me forward and my first thought was to go and check if the board shut down. Painfully got up and checked and the blue light was on. So I was accelerating on a level street and the front dropped me at around 15 or so mph. I had scrapes across my knee, stomach area and my arm. But the impact of my elbow to the road cause me to fracture my humerus bone right in my shoulder socket and not sure how bad my muscle is there but I am unable to lift my right arm or use it in any way that requires strength. Doctor says it will probably take about 6 weeks to heal.

    I’m not blaming the one wheel here, but I’ve been riding it long enough in various terrains to know what I’m doing. I’m also not pushing the limits. I think it happened in a quick transition between accelerating at a quick pace and then going neutral. There could have been slippage on the road or something. Without data, it’s just hard to know what happened. I’m still riding the one wheel even with the injury, but I’m keeping he speeds to 5-10mph on the street until I can gain trust again (and heal obviously). But I do think there must be certain scenarios that can cause the front to drop too quickly in an unexpected way. Just the nature of trusting software to always keep you balanced in a single wheel. I think my lesson is to take it easy on acceleration and make sure my body weight is always leaning back instead of being so neutral, especially at higher speeds.