Angled foot pads?

  • New to the forum. I have v1 Onewheel. Got the rear foot pad with kick tail and dig it. But...... being a life long skater I am dying to get some foot pads with concavity and angled. (like the new OW). I keep waiting for them to put them out.... but the available date seems to be pushed back further every time I inquire.

    Anyone have any solutions? I am really a bonehead when it comes to building stuff and CAD is completely beyond my paygrade.

    Many thanks in advance

    • DR

  • So simple even a bone head can do it.
    Pick up 3 paint sticks from any paint shop.
    Remove the front 2 screws and loosen the other 2.
    Shove 2 sticks on top of each other and mark for holes.
    Drill holes and then place them in.
    Use 1 stick for the middle for support.
    You can use couple thin screws to pin it in place.

    Here I used 3-4 sticks for more angle as I extended the deck about 3" total,
    and 2 in the middle so the pad doesn't bend.
    Work great.


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