Loose ferrite ring inside control module OneWheel+?

  • Just wanted to bring attention of an issue I noticed while riding. While hitting bumps I noticed a rattling noise coming from the front of the board. Inspected further and noticed it coming from inside the control module under pressure pad. Disassembled module and found a loose ferrite ring on connector for LED strip. The ferrite ring is not secured and bounces around inside the module. Added foam to prevent it from smacking around. This should be secured in the factory and adjustments to the manufacturing should be made. Overall build quality is fantastic and they used good components. Has anyone else noticed this rattling?

  • A capacitor or a ferrite ring? Ive got the same rattle. OW and most on here say its normal and nothing to worry about. Just a ferrite ring on the wires to the leds bouncing around. Was tempted to open mine up too but the bogus warranty void tamper stickers scared me. (which is a load of crap I think as the magnuson moss warranty act protects consumers from such stupid stuff though lots of manufactures pull the same funny biz and no one does anything about it)

  • @cascadewheeler I couldn't tell if it was a ferrite ring or inline capacitor, I was assuming that all the capacitors were soldered to the board but have seen inline caps on R/C cars so thought it could be it. The ferrite ring makes sense to cut down on high frequency noise. I could only crack the case open enough to slide some foam in and under it to stop the rattle. The warranty void stickers scared me at first but the rattling was driving me insane (yes I have OCD) so I said screw it. Board is rock solid with no noise when going over bumps. Easily done if this bothers anyone else.

  • I hadn't noticed it, but I was planning on opening my control box to fix the seal anyway, so I'll be sure to add some foam just in case it become an issue. Rattling sounds should not be coming from a $1500 board. Thanks.

  • @desperado Why do you have to re-do the seals on your control module? Have people had issues with water getting inside? I noticed water can easily get under the footpad into the compartment.

  • Same issue here. I just got a well-used OneWheel+ with the rattling ferrite ring and only intermittently functional front LEDs. I suspect that the board took a hit in its previous life that caused the unsecured ferrite ring to yank the cable and partially unseat the connector to the LED strip. I disassembled the board and was able to reseat the connector with the front of the controller box pried open. That seems to have restored front LED function, and I'll plan to go back and insert some foam to stop the rattle and prevent further LED issues in the future.

    Does anyone know how to safely and reversibly open the controller box fully?

  • @shaneswenson the control box has some very sticky 3M VHB where the connectors are. You would need to soften this up with a heat gun and pry slowly to remove. The entire board and connectors come up together so be very careful. Also this ruins any weather sealing and you will need to use some closed cell foam tape or silicon (kinda messy) to reseal the box when assembling. Glad you were able to fix your lights, this really needs to be changed in the manufacturing process.

  • I put together a short write up on how to open the controller box, the current arrangement of the ferrite ring, and how I used foam to support it. See the link below.

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