traveling with one wheel on plane

  • has anyone traveled on a plane with OW? if so any TSA issues?

  • Check out Facebook
    Onewheel Owners Group

    Plenty of people were successful traveling with Onewheel.
    Few weren't that lucky.

  • @inthemud
    just traveled to New Orleans from LA and had no problems going there, but was not allowed to bring it back. I had to have fed ex pick it up at the airport. Huge hassle. Also it was on Southwest and I had it checked. Along with a folder with all the specs and info about the battery and even the policy of southwest and what is allowed by TSA to no avail. Looks like I will not be flying with mine until something is resolved

  • I traveled within Europe with my OneWheel+ as checked luggage. I was using a Pelican Case 1650 which is very heavy. Without foam, the board in the case weighed about 23,5 kg, which was just a little over the maximum weight for checked luggage in the economy class - but the 500g were within the tolerance.

    Last week, I got the "Neewer Roller Bag" (Search for B06XMYZLS9 on amazon) which is approximately 5 kg lighter and leaves some room for packing in charger, helmet and other stuff that I had to carry as cabin luggage last time.

    I have not tried to have the OneWheel as cabin luggage. I guess it is too heavy (>8kg) and too big for this.

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