Can OneWheel Get Wet?

  • In one video on the OneWheel site, a rider goes through a puddle. Can OneWheel be ridden on a wet street after a rain? Will it rust or cause problems to it beyond likely making it dirty?

  • yes. it has no problems going through wet roads.

  • @DFauvre I'm still waiting for my board, but learned everything I know from reading what's on the forum already. All the electronics are sealed. Just be sure to dry it or rinse it with fresh water first if you go through salt water to prevent rusting of the metal:

  • They are water resistant not water proof. Keep in mind when riding on the beach or spraying with a high pressure sprayer. Rain is fine. Hope that helps

  • awesome. and how much traction is lost on damp pavement? Spent an hour on it yesterday and LOVED it. I am an old school skakeboarder and this is great fun. Also, what about speed wobbles like on a skateboard? Does this happen going down a really steep hill?

  • It's fine in the rain. But not having a fender = your front leg will be soaked by the end of the ride.

  • @DFauvre I've ridden heavy rain, and it hasn't been any kind of trouble yet. Haven't felt any loss of traction either, apart from when the road was covered in old wet leaves, that felt a bit slippery (nothing happened tho). Still waiting for the snow to test that out :D
    Fender is a must, and the XLR dummy plug for the charger-port is a neat addition.

  • I've gotten mine completely soaked several times with no issue.. Get yourself a plug for the charge port.. They claim its not needed but its nice to have..

  • @germx I like the dummy plug, I've just ordered one! I was riding OW yesterday in wet, muddy, gravely conditions, it was really good fun! However going across a slippery muddy field I think was a step to far......kept getting stuck and wheel spinning! (needed a knobbly off road tire for that). Quite right fender is a must, my front leg was covered in mud!.... Problem is my ordered fender is a 4-6 week delivery period ! I wonder how long in reality !?!

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