Vicious Grip is a must!

  • Recently regripped with vicious and it has made the world of difference, for whatever reason the stock tape seems like it's held on with post it note glue. Anyway ripped it off and threw on some Vicious and riding and carving feels so much better!

    alt text

    alt text

    Anyone else regrip? Thinking my next mod will be little wheels in the front bumper with everyone having issues cutting out I'd like the nose to ride instead of digging in and sending me to the hospital :)

  • @anothamatt nice! does the stock grip tape just peel off the sensors? I have a tear in my grip tape up there. Would like to do the same!

  • @cascadewheeler Yeah so the back has no sensors so you can just rip it off and grip normally, for the front I suggest peeling the front off carefully so you can use it as a template (stick it to the back of the wax paper on the new grip). The front sensor has a piece of plastic covering the whole footpad, you'll want to pick at a corner and make sure you're pulling up just the grip not the plastic. but other than that it's super straighforward

  • This looks great, better than stock!

    My several week old OneWheel + is having the grip tape peel up in the front by the wheel already, so it seems like the glue is pretty weak on the stock tape.

    Will have to pick up some vicious (where to find?) and re grip in the months ahead.


    I have seen far too many folks jack their sensor when trying to replace. It's not hard to change your tape, but it's easy to screw it up if you don't know what you are doing.
    Here is a grip change tutorial for those folks looking to do the swap.

    Personally I agree with you, a heavier grip tape like vicious or TFL Grip makes a WORLD of difference.

    P.S. That red Vicious looks dope!

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