Do I need a new tire?

  • Pulled a screw from the tire and the air pretty quickly came out. Do I need a new tire?


  • Depends, maybe the slime will stop the leak?

  • You should but a tire plug, just like a car tire.
    You could take it to a tire place they could do it for you.
    I don't think the slime would work on that.

  • @loudeezy how many miles on this tire? If it's not screaming to be replaced, the hole isn't gigantic and since it's not on the side wall, @Polle and @steeve are both right. The hole needs to be plugged first, and then the tire can (and should) be filled with slime to help prevent future leaks. Both products are available from Amazon, or a tire repair place could fix the hole (don't know if they'll add the slime, worth asking).

  • What about patching the tire from the inside? It works on car tires without issue. The only hassle is that you will have to take the tire out (something you need to do if you were going to replace the tire anyways).

  • Tire is new'ish, less than 200 miles for sure. I think I'll stop by a tire shop and request a plug and change if the leak continues.

    Thanks team!

  • I was not able to fix the tire and ended up replacing it with a new one (slick Hoosier of the same size). A bit of a shame because the tire only had a couple hundred miles on it.

    I tried fixing the hole - called around to tire shops who wouldn't fix it and also considered a patch of some kind. I got some feedback from a tire shop that said it wouldn't have worked because the blue "slime" in the tire would have prevented patching from the inside.

    Anyhoo, new tire is on and running well. Changing the tire was easy-peezy except for taking off and putting on the tire from the rim. I didn't even try after reading other people's experiences, just took it to a motorcycle shop and had a pro do it. Took him 45 minutes!

  • @loudeezy Okay, but buying a new tire totally wasn't necessary. Like several people suggested, all you needed was a tire plug kit (not a patch). They're cheap, and they work:

    A lot of times, mechanics just don't want to risk screwing up the Onewheel because they're not trained to work on them, so they'll just say no to anything you ask them to do. But it's a simple procedure to do yourself.

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