Lake Erie: 1, OW+: 0

  • Wet sand is such a sweet ride surface and dodging those incoming waves is intense! Anyone have any luck drying out a soaked board that won't turn on? I opened up the controller box (warranty already voided so why not) to let it dry out for a few hours, but still no luck. I get the 3 blinks when I plug it in. I'm hoping this is like my phone which had to dry for 3 days but then finally turned on like nothing happened. Worst case, I need a new controller. Has anyone ordered a replacement battery or controller from FM? They are pretty easy to swap out, so I hope I don't have to send my whole OW back to them for service...

  • @desperado I've not heard of FM sending out replacement batteries or controllers, they require the board be shipped back to them for that. You're on the right track with letting it dry out, if no luck after a day or 2, probably need to send it to FM like you said.

  • I really hate that they will not sell individual parts. Like I want to pay 150$ in shipping just so they can unplug a battery and plug in a new one.

  • @cascadewheeler I hear you. If under warranty FM covers the shipping.

  • Thanks guys, probably I'll just have to suck it up and pay for the shipping and service which is probably half the cost of a new board...

  • @desperado make sure to open the battery compartment too. Mine fell into the pond and stopped randomly one day, I let it dry out and it's still going..

  • Probably a locked on footpad. Send it back - repair will be cheap.

    (I sent mine for a swim in a saltwater/brackish water mangrove.)

  • OMG OMG it's working!! I took everything apart completely, cleaned a bunch of corrosion off various components (the bluetooth module was a mess of green gunk), cleaned all the connectors, put a fan blowing on everything for a day to dry out any water remnants, and now, after a careful re-assembly, it's working. Getting the circuit board out of the control box was the hardest part, as the connectors are glued to the plastic case with some kind of rubbery gasket material. Have to be really careful not to bend anything.
    This whole thing could have been avoided if FW had sprayed the board with a sealant. Hopefully they can do this going forward.

  • Bummer that water was able to get into stuff. Thought these were supposed to be well sealed! Sounds like FM should start conformal coating stuff! Maybe those peeps that ride in the wet should do it as preventative maintenance?

  • @cascadewheeler They sure did aggressively advertise them as being completely waterproof in the first couple of years after the Kickstarter. A lot of us were pretty surprised to find that almost nothing had been done in the way of sealing the electronics or wiring.

  • To be fair, my control box was already deformed a bit from a nasty crash. This could have broken the seal. My battery case was also submerged and when I opened it (thanks for the advice @parrothd), it was bone dry, so they have the right idea with sealing things inside a box. They even have a special air vent that is gortex or something; water doesn't pass through it at low pressure (probably would if you submerged it deep enough). The gasket they use is just not super reliable. I'm going to re-seal everything with a liquid gasket material once I'm confident there are no issues remaining.

    Here's a quick vid of what I was doing. With a non-dented control box, I think this should be totally doable:

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