I seek out the Post Apocalyptic Landscape when I ride.

  • Only ridden on pavement so far, eventually will go off-road. For carving, which is what I love, wide, smooth and relatively quiet streets seem to be ideal.

    Suburban streets and Retirement Communities are ideal, I avoid morning and evening rush hour during the week, and go early on the weekends. The Retirement community has a 2 mile loop, and I maybe encounter one car on each loop.

    There is a state run center/town near me that is shutting down as well. Looks like you could film a post-apocalyptic movie there, so the streets are mostly empty.

    I avoid any place with car and pedestrian traffic. When I encounter cars, I immediately yield the right of way and pull over. Same thing with the police, I try and avoid them and if I run into on I immediately pull over and wave. Pedestrians seem for the most part very interested and I always make sure to smile and wave.

  • @yojimbo Thats great for you, but some of us bought the Onewheel as our commuter/last-mile device, so avoiding areas where there are pedestrians or vehicles is like attempting to not breath just in case there might be something harmful in the air.

  • @thegreck

    I hear you. How is it riding in traffic and with pedestrians? Are pedestrians generally ok with it? I don't live in an urban center so I can't imagine what it would be like.

    I've taken to riding in the middle of the night. I usually wake up at least once and I head out for a ride and then go back to bed. It's awesome when there is little to no traffic around.

  • @yojimbo Some salty skaters yell stupid shit at us sometimes, but for the most part, I find pedestrians are generally either jealous or amazed by it.

  • Try checking out some cemeteries. They usually have nice windy, empty roads. That's where my dad took me for driving lessons, since it is like driving on regular streets without worrying about traffic.

  • @ianjohnson There's a huge cemetery near my house, but I wasn't sure if it was considered disrespectful to ride through one. There could be a funeral going on, or people mourning lost loved ones, it seems weird to carve by with a smile on my face.

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