Pump Mode!

  • Let's face it. The biggest problem we all have with our OneWheels is NOT nosedive. It's the lack of exercise. Yes yes I know - a bit of core, but that's it. I love to get a workout with my fun and the Onewheel doesn't do it.

    The solution?! "Pump Mode".

    What is it? It's a drive setting that caps movement one way or the other at a couple of MPH - but let's you push down as far as you can. When you push back the other way, it resists and stores the down motion resistance as charge. So you put as much or your weight as you can and as fast as you can, and you build up charge.

    Pump Mode!

    Not sure how much energy you can generate this way, but a couple of miles could make all the difference, and think of the workout!

  • Nosedive might not be EVERYONE's biggest problem, but it's a biggie for some of us. I could kinda see the idea behind pump mode. It would be brutally hard on the motor. By the way if you've got some off road paths or woods with roots and such you can actually get a really good workout on a onewheel. A lot of twists and turns and corrections will definitely improve coordination and most likely get you sweating.

  • If you want to workout better on OW, just go off-road :) then you will be in squat position major part of the time and have to pump to actively pass over roots and so on at higher speed :P But I agree that cruising on flat is not very tiring. Another possibility, try Long Distance Pumping with a longboard. I'm practising that too and it's pretty good as workout and I can propel myself at the same speed as on my OW v1 :)

  • @tartopom Yup. Off road can be a proper workout for sure.

  • @bmtka there's a definite patter in these replies.

  • A rounded profile, bigger size tire will definitely give you a workout.
    When I step back on the Vega tire, it feels like standing on a table.

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