Audio Notifications?

  • I did a quick search but didn't find anything here in the forums. When riding the OW+ with the app connected, are there audio notifications? I'm specifically looking to hear some type of notification when the battery levels reach certain milestones like 50%, 20%, and 10%. I've ridden with headphones in and don't recall ever hearing anything from the app but I'm a new rider so perhaps I just missed it. I'd prefer to get the audio alerts versus having to look down at my phone when riding to see battery levels or the visual alerts that pop-up.

  • @clevemont yes, you can enable audio alerts, including an audible + notification when your battery reaches a specific threshold; also when it's down to 10%, etc.

  • You need to go into the app settings to turn the notifications on.

  • @groovyruvy Thanks groovy. Probably a stupid question but as I've not heard anything with headphones in yet, what should I be on the look out for? A beep or sound of some sort or is it a verbal notification?

  • @clevemont not a stupid question. Different events (wheelslip, overcharge, 50% battery, etc.) generate different audio jingles- not a beep but a different jingle for each. You will also get notifications on your phone. To hear the jingles do as @carvetherapy suggested and adjust your app settings, and be sure the volume settings on your phone are turned up so you can hear the jingles.

  • @groovyruvy I actually already have the sound and the notifications turned. I guess i'll just need to pay more attention to hear the jingles. Thanks @carvetherapy for the input as well.

  • @groovyruvy another question here. Will the audio notifications play over music as well? I was listening to a podcast on the way home and didn't hear a notification when I went past the 50% battery mark even though there was a notification on my phone.@carvetherapy

  • @clevemont they will play over music

  • Think I finally figured it out. The audio notifications seem to only play when the phone is not on mute. My iPhone can be on mute to play music but only when I unmute the phone will the notifications actually play over the music. Thanks everyone again for the help.

  • So thanks to this thread - I investigated my Android notifications settings and made sure they are not blocked (they were). I also put on my headset so that I can hear any of the notifications/errors coming from the app. I can listen to my music and the unique sounds that come up are very handy. I heard the 50% battery indication, and a "one foot-sensor off more than 10 seconds" warning. This last one was critical for me because I think nose dives can potentially happen when the board just cuts out in the middle of a normal ride because the OW thinks there is no rider on the board any longer. I was wearing hard dress shoes (loafers) that have a heel on them but I guess I was shifting the weight on my front foot a little to cause a sensor off indication. To have it off for 10 seconds however concerns me a little. At least now I know what is going on.

    I have not heard a warning that I am near the pushback threshold. If there isn't such a warning, I would like that FM create such a feature on the next revision please.

    Another critical piece to this set up is that the BT connection must be stable. Lately, the connections haven't been bad at all but the previous version lost the connection all the time. Without this connection, the audible warnings will never happen.

  • @gadgetrider This has been requested by many people, but the response from knowledgeable riders is always the same: You're ALWAYS near pushback. Always.

    Pushback isn't just speed related, it's how the board reacts to the rider overtaxing the motor, in an attempt to keep the board level and have some extra torque left over. Pushback can happen in an instant, so to be warned when you're near it would be an endless alarm.

  • @gadgetrider

    And someone has a video of it but I believe if you are going more than 1 mph you only need contact with one of the sensors. Not sure what happens if you exceed 10 seconds

    @groovyruvy or @thegreck , can you confirm that?

  • @skyman88 confirmed, once you're going more than 1mph you can lose contact with the sensors and the board does not turn off.

  • @skyman88 said in Audio Notifications?:


    And someone has a video of it but I believe if you are going more than 1 mph you only need contact with one of the sensors. Not sure what happens if you exceed 10 seconds

    @groovyruvy or @thegreck , can you confirm that?

    Yep. That was actually my video:

  • @thegreck But my 2-wheeled hoverboard, which works on the same balancing principle as the OW, has an audible warning so why can't FM do the same? For those that also have OW's and Hoverboards, am I making any sense?

  • @gadgetrider The Onewheel's design is very different than a hoverboard. On a hoverboard, your weight is directly on the pivot point, so it's easier for the motor to balance you. This isn't to say it's a better design, but this difference is what makes the Onewheel so much more fun to ride and also allows for more extreme maneuvers.

    But that benefit comes at a cost: You have to be more careful to keep your weight equally distributed across either side of the wheel or you can nosedive in an instant.

    Say you're riding along at around 17mph, if you suddenly shift your weight forward over the front footpad (and off the back one), the motor has no way physically to propel you forward, and it would stop and the nose of the board will dig into the ground as you continue your journey forward (Newton's Laws of Motion can be a bitch).

    This all happens in a fraction of a second, so at what point in time would an alarm be anything other than an annoyance? Most of the time, you wouldn't hear it until you were airborne.

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