low battery kickback

  • i'm experiencing insanely heavy kickback at like 7% battery since the recent app update. it's so intense the tail hits the ground.

    before the two new modes were released i could ride down to 1%. i understand why the kickbacks needed, but it's basically a waste of battery.. can we turn this feature off somehow??

  • @mcguiles Sounds like you've got a cell balancing problem. What do the individual cells read when it's doing this? If any of them vary by more than about 0.2 V from one another you should do the 24-48 hour charge. It may help to try to run down the battery as much as possible before you do this.

  • Yeah this doesn't sound right. Mine still does the low battery kick back at less than 1%. I can ride on 1% for a bit before it starts to do the extreme kickback.

  • @bmtka i'll have to check. this is what it looks like at 100%


  • @mcguiles At 100% they should all be reading the same. Have you done a 24-48 hr charge?

  • you need to take a reading after you have ridden the board for a few miles. The picture you took is normal but is not a good indication of a batteries health. You need to discharge it a little bit to get a good idea if one cell is bad or not.

  • @bmtka here is a screenshot from when i was getting the crazy kickback again


  • You are getting kickback because that is a fully dead battery, regardless of what the % says. When you get kickback, shut it off then on and ride it again until it refuses to balance. If the battery drops to 1%, do the 24hr charge. If it still says something like 7%, let it rest 10 min or so and then try to ride it again. The long recharge won't work to recalibrate unless it reads 1% when you start. If you are unsure of the battery meter, check the cell voltages. It will stay at 3.24-3.2 for a long time, but once it says 3.1 it will drop to empty quickly, maybe in a half mile.

  • *pushback

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