Clicking once per revolution on heel side turns (Update: serviced & resolved)

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    Jimi Heselden, the man who purchased the Segway company from inventor Dean Kamen, died in a Segway accident.

    @RK_d Dismounting is hard in the beginning. I spent a few hours holding on to something on night one practicing until I got comfortable and consistent. Highly recommend you get comfortable with this required skill before hitting the pavement.

  • @RK_d I think everyone on this forum would agree that the Onewheel is far from perfect and could certainly be improved in many ways. As @thegreck already stated, he and pretty much everyone on this forum is just trying to help each other. @thegreck is probably the most helpful / knowledgeable people on this forum, and I can ensure you the he is not discounting your perspective or thinks the Onewheel is perfect. However in the almost year I have been on this forum, I have seen similar questions / issues as yours on an almost daily basis. Hell, as I said, I was one of them who was ready to get rid of my board due to the inexplicable nosedives at slow speeds. I told you the advice I got that changed everything for me and now I can't imagine being without my onewheel as I ride it everywhere.
    So again from what I can see your front foot is too far out on the end of the board which puts too much strain on the board. You could maybe do that if you were a 130lbs kid but you and I clearly are not. Your front foot should be is the middle of the pad or closer to the tire. This and ensuring you are pointing the board versus leaning will make all the difference. Good luck

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  • I got my OW+ back from service and the clicks are gone. The board spent about 8 days at the factory. They never told me what they had done to fix it.

    If you need service email is not enough, follow up with a phone call.

    The crash looks like onewheel problem to me. If it was foot sensor contact problem, OW would just power off, but we hear the wheel slip, so it didn't power off and it didn't look like the rider stomped the foot pad too aggressively either. Seems like the motor didn't have enough power to keep the board level.

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  • Support confirmed they did some kind of servicing and the board is being shipped back tomorrow

  • Board arrived yesterday I haven’t heard any clicking yet, fingers crossed.

  • @sfctac I'm having the same issue, the clicks have just started after about 350 miles.

  • Both my battery gauge issue and the clicking issue have not returned. 👍

  • @moderncommuter My clicking issue went away after I rode with the other leg forward (rolling opposite direction) for a mile or so. Now the clicking does not occur regardless of the direction. It was not mechanical. The wheels rolls smoothly and there is nothing wrong with the bearing, and no shaking or wobble. Weird!

  • @moderncommuter I have to try that trick (riding goofy) if the clicking comes to my boards. So far so good however.

  • @readysetawesome I'm 20 days in Onewheel jail out of the box. Nothing.... I did get a free tshirt in the mail with some stupid stickers, business cards and a plastic mini wheel replica. I'm outfitted now to go to a busy intersection, show what a onewheel looks like and hand out business cards and stickers telling them not to buy one of these

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