PROPOSED SHAPING - One-Direction Mode - Why? Efficiency, Safety!

  • @desperado I'm going to be attempting that today, for sure. But still, the unpredictable nature of it is spooky. Especially in downtown LA.

    I don't need it getting away from me at a crosswalk and hitting someone on a wheelchair or getting under someone's car.

    My thinking is that safety isn't something to be practiced, it has to be built in.

    After all, wouldn't this maneuver be a whole lot easier if the only instruction was "push down on the tail until it turns off" ? And it did it EVERY time?

  • @enigmizzle Thanks bud.

  • @desperado I was doing the same thing for a bit. Worked well in 80% of situations I encountered in my daily commute.

  • @ryancwynar Someone might want to suddenly change direction without the board shutting down, like if you start crossing a street and see a car coming too late or something, you would want an emergency reverse, not an emergency shutdown in that case. I do this for balance practice too, when I don't have a lot of space, just going back and forth as fast as I can within a 5 foot length, with the bumpers scraping the ground a bit.
    It should be an option applicable to any shaping, just a checkbox for "safe stop mode" or something. I'm sure they will start considering these options as soon as they get up to speed as a company.

  • @desperado yeah, I agree. I think it should be an optional setting.

    The only way to get a good quick emergency reverse option would be with a higher power motor. 2000W would make it so you could change directions pretty damn fast from pretty high speed.

    As I understand it, every 750W or so is equivalent to about 1 horsepower.

  • @ryancwynar The current motor already has enough torque to change directions much faster than it does, but changing directions on a self-balancing device always has to be on a curve, or it'll throw the rider off.

  • @thegreck Huh, that's interesting. Yeah, I could definitely see that. All my gut feel for the relationship between power and weight comes from playing with high powered electric bicycles, but that's a much heavier object with a bigger wheel that's harder to turn, so it takes more power to get that acceleration feeling.

  • +1 for releasing an SDK to allow community to develop custom modes

  • Not really a big One-Direction fan. I mean they're very talented. I just don't like their music...but I'd go all bonkers for a K-Pop mode.

  • I love the ideas put forth, ryancwynar. I imagine not releasing the SDK is probably a liability thing and the last thing OneWheel wants is for someone to release shaping that winds up hurting a rider or worse. Having said that, I agree that the dismount can be tough but for me the way the board's designed requires a specific type of sneaker:

    Still I'm bumping and keeping the thread alive because I think it would be awesome for one wheel to consider offering shaping like this.

    PS - You're right, I never go backward either.

  • I would be all over this mode. Me going backwards is a precursor to me falling. Yeah, yeah, I know, practice switch. That's tricky what with coming back to board sports after a 39 year hiatus. And I couldn't ride switch in 1978 either.

  • One day in the future it will be like this:
    “Onewheel, stop board. “

    Then the board will slow down to 0 MPH and the rear will tilt down.

    It’s safe and simple.

  • @sonny123 said in PROPOSED SHAPING - One-Direction Mode - Why? Efficiency, Safety!:

    The dismount feature on the original OW was perfect.

    What is the difference? I only have the plus.

  • Uh, I don't think you guys really understand the fundamental physics behind how the onewheel works...

    Imagine it like a unicycle (which is very similar to how the OW works). If you did not let the wheel roll backwards, you would not be able to balance at a stand still. What you are describing would mean every time you roll to a stop, the tail would eventually just drop to the ground.