Longer Onewheel?

  • Am I the only one who thinks Onewheel could be longer for wider stance?
    Since expanding my V1 about 3" for bigger size wheel, I love the feel of wider stance.
    Even with the mod, it seems a bit shorter than a typical electric skateboard.
    Besides, a longer OW would fit more batteries for longer range.
    Sure, it'll be slightly heavier, but still under 30 lbs which isn't bad.


    Compared to my good old E-glide 44"


  • @sonny123 The further from the pivot point (wheel) that you place your weight, the more taxing it is on the motor to balance you, and the more newbies we'd have on here complaining of nosedives out of nowhere without warning.

  • @thegreck

    I did notice on the bigger wheel, sometime my stance is a bit too much.
    I think more power would compensate.

    Imagine a newer version with a slidable pad/modules where you can adjust longer.
    Like in a ski bindings.
    You never know.

  • Being a big dude at 6'4" 230lbs I would love a king size version. Would also love a concave deck like a skate boards. So would my feet!

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