The waiting game

  • Ordered my OneWheel in March, got an e mail notification that it was "in production" in mid April. Sent an e mail in early May asking status and they reply to wait three weeks. Sent an e mail in early June, and they send a reply that it will ship the week of June 15th. Sent an e mail on June 22 and they say it'll ship at the end of the month. Very frustrating process so far.

  • Had exactly the same problem...did u paid it already??
    For me they took my money mid april until now nothing shipping...

  • I know it's frustrating. I had to wait from the end of the Kickstarter in February 2014 until November 2014 - excruciatingly long wait. I also know it makes it worse when they give you a date and then exceed that date.

    For whatever little consolation it may be - it will be worth the wait in the end. You will receive a rock solid product that FM meticulously perfected over the last several years. Hang in there (I have 3 friends waiting on boards). I'm sure FM is working as hard as they can to get the boards out quickly while maintaining the top-notch quality they demand. In the long run, I'm glad they place quality well above expediency.

  • I also had the same experience. I sent some pretty frustrated emails after I had been promised 8 weeks, and I was on my 10th. I actually had to stop looking up OW stuff online because I was getting so impatient. It felt like everyone had their board but me. Once I got the notification it had been shipped, it was on my doorstep the next day. I'm so glad I don't have to go through that initial waiting period ever again. I am so exceptionally excited to finally have my board!
    I have to say though, I have a concern about ever sending my board in for repairs. I would hope that the repair process is much faster than making it. I guess I'll just wait for any repairs until winter so I wont miss it as much, or I could just order a second board. Hmmm....
    Be patient my friend, it will be on your doorstep soon enough. When it does arrive, you will be spending every extra minute of your days and nights riding. Half the fun is hearing all the ooooo's and ahhh's from people. I'm so addicted to riding that I have a hard time going to bed at night. Seriously!!!

  • Here the same story, although I'm not waiting that long yet... My girlfriend wanted to give the Onewheel as a present for my 30d birthday, beginning of June. She was a bit late ordering, and it was supposed to ship this week or next week. The people of FM were so kind to send a little note for my girlfriend to give me on my birthday, not to show up empty handed.
    So yesterday we checked, and shipping has been delayed for at least a month! This waiting game is indeed very frustrating!
    I hope summer here in Belgium will not be over by the time my Onewheel arrives...

  • Hi Polle,

    I m from belgium too, fortunately the onewheel is waterproof...:-)

  • @jeremyschow how long did you wait it? 9, 10 weeks? I ordered mine 7 weeks ago, and I can't wait to get it

  • I got mine in about 11 weeks. It's hard to wait but it's totally worth it. I wish they would change the advertised time to 8-12 weeks. Would be much more reliable.

  • whats the hardware for you guys that recently got them?

    Anyway, my hardware shows 100.

    whats setting do you guys ride on mostly? :neckbeard:

    Dont hate but i got mine luckily withing a few days or discovering OW used with minor scratches but like new...

  • @riofiume Yes, it was about 10 weeks. I'm so glad I don't have to go through that waiting game again!

  • Hi @polle, @laurentdiving,

    Also from Belgium. I would looove to give the onewheel a try before buying.

    If you're up for that, let me know. I'm based in Mechelen.


  • Ordered mine in March paying $500. It went "in production" about April 13th and the collected the rest of the money saying I would get shipping notification "in a few weeks." Promised a very specific "week of June 15th" that passed, recently again promised "end of June" that passed. You can't tell me that people ordering since mid March have not gotten their product. When they've got your money and they aren't true to their word it is very hard to be a happy or understanding customer.

  • Wait, you ordered in March and still didn't get it? Really hope they are producing faster now...

  • @JWhite It's the same for everyone that ordered when you did. I experienced the same thing, and I also felt like everyone had their board but me. I sent some not so nice emails since I was so frustrated. I look back now and laugh at how frustrated I got. You will have your board soon even though it feels like forever, and it will be worth it.

  • Hi @bertvh ,

    I am also a Belgian 'waiter', I ordered a OW end of May, I was hoping to be riding end of August. After reading this thread, I'd better start taking some Zen courses. ;-)

    I work in Mechelen some days in the week, so you might give it a bit of a try.

    But take care, if you order only then, you will have to wait while already being addicted...

  • How do you belgian or European guys took care for the customs taxes for a good outside from Europe ? Any idea on the added cost ? Thanks

  • @sebby said:

    How do you belgian or European guys took care for the customs taxes for a good outside from Europe ? Any idea on the added cost ? Thanks

    I have the same question. I'm from Croatia and my OW is about to come, I expect customs and taxes to be around $450-500. Hope it'll worth it -.-
    Maybe someone from EU knows the exact cost?

  • Hi everyone, I ordered mine on April 2 and got an email notice on July 7 that it had shipped (with expected delivery by UPS to Texas scheduled for July 13). So, from order to delivery, it will have taken just under 15 weeks.

  • @misdirects Yikes!!!

  • @misdirects Wow... You will love it though... Enjoy :)

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