The waiting game

  • @kelp I have ordered two ow . one for me and one for my girlfriend because it's always more fun to be two when riding .

  • Hey guys! New here. I just ordered mine earlier today. I don't know if I can wait 8-10 weeks for this.

  • After reading about some of your wait times I'm glad I jumped on a used board. I saved myself ~$500 and only waited a week from payment. Considering the board only had a few dings and maybe 50 miles on it I feel like I came away with a steal. I've put more marks on the board than the original owner and I'll be putting a lot more miles on it too.

    With that said, even if I had to wait 10 weeks for a brand new board I can attest to the fact that the wait would still be worth it. The Onewheel is so addictive! No one here is exaggerating about that. I'm constantly thinking about riding it and seizing every opportunity to do so. Even at the current price point, like many OW owners here, I'm already considering picking up a second board for back up because this is one of those things that, once you have it, you're not going to want to risk going a day without it.

    For those waiting, I can only echo what so many are saying here, hang in there. Your lives are about to change.

  • I just thought I'd jump in because I have experience that relates directly to the question of whether bugging support leads to expedited shipping. Long story short, being persistently polite (and a little pathetic) can sometimes pay off. :)

    I had been emailing support before I got the board, asking about range, showing them an elevation chart of my commute and asking if the board could handle it (the engineers looked at it and relayed their message back to me!)... and then I asked nicely if there was any way they could expedite the process. Here is a verbatim transcript:

    JULY 21:


    "Hi - this is really hard to wait. I'm making due with poor substitutes like that mini Segway everyone's talking about, and also my Bionx. But I am showing friends the OneWheel video every day. Ship date still mid August?"


    "Luckily you are getting close to your ship date! Your board is still on track to ship mid August and you should be riding by the end of that month. We are stoked you are prepping to ride and spreading the Onewheel love."

    JULY 27


    "Hi it's me again, I'm wondering if there's any way to expedite, or maybe to jump ahead and line – I am willing to ride around with a bunch of one wheel logos and be your Washington DC rep for a while if it means I can get my board a few weeks earlier :-)"

    JULY 30

    Them (11:36 AM):

    "Thanks for checking in! I think we might be able to sneak you into our next shipment which will be around August 10th. I'll see what I can do and hopefully we can get you riding as soon as possible ;) Stoked you'll be on a board soon."

    Me (2:01 PM):

    "That would be amazing. I am super stoked and I thank you for anything you can do!"

    Them (2:59 PM):

    "Keep an eye out for your confirmation and tracking information starting early next week! :) "

    JULY 31

    Me: "To Carly and everyone else on the Onewheel Team -- You. Are. Awesome. I can't wait!!! Stoked to finally receive the Onewheel to rule them all..."

    AUGUST 4

    Me: "Hi! Do you think I will be receiving a confirmation and tracking number sometime soon? Thank you again :-) sorry to be so annoying."

    AUGUST 5

    Them: "Thanks for the kind words! We are pumped that your board is on its way - think you already received this but your tracking number is [###]. Hope you have a blast with your new board ;)"

  • @TechMSS how long did it end up taking?

  • @Brutha-Man I ordered June 23, and was given a wait time of "about 8-10 weeks to ship." That would have put the ship date around Aug. 18 - Sept. 1.

    It actually shipped on Aug. 4, which means it shipped in 6 weeks! It took one week to get from California to Washington, DC -- I got it on Aug. 11.

  • @TechMSS that's awesome. Ugh

    I sent them an uber polite message saying the wait was tough. And they increased my wait time from late October to November. I was like commmmeee onnnn

  • @slydogstroh said:

    I had mine for 2 weeks and then had to send it back for service... am out of the game for at least 2 weeks while it is shipped/repaired/shipped back. :sob:

    But I'm telling you guys, IT IS SO WORTH THE WAIT! I was/am in love. Can't wait to be back in the game. We are so blessed!

    Two weeks for repair :O ... I sent mine off on 26th, they got it 28th, I was hoping it would be back on the plane this weekend :(

  • @eish well I say 2 weeks because it takes UPS Ground 4 working days each way to transport the onewheel... I am hoping it only takes Julian a few days at most to fix the problem with the motor and ship it back. (we will see how that goes).

  • Ordered mine on 9-26-15. Sent a followup email with support on 10-3-15, they said end of November I should be riding.

  • @bgwily1 keep us updated

  • I'm at 8 weeks now. Every day feels like a week..

  • This post is deleted!

  • They just emailed me saying end of this month (October) or early November.. :( if it comes November 1st it will be 11 weeks..

  • Ordered Sep 3rd and just got word from FM that I can expect to be riding around the beginning of November.

  • Ordered 9/15. Sent an email to FM checking the status on 9/30 and they said I can expect to be riding around the beginning to middle to end of November.

  • I did not get the same news. I ordered my on 8/16... emailed OW over the weekend to check in, and received news that it will not ship until around the end of Oct. So about 10 weeks.

    With that said, and being extremely anxious, i would much rather wait and have them focus on quality and not quantity.

    I have all of Thanksgiving week off.. as long as i have it by then, i will be happy.

  • My guess is, their not working on quality.. Their working on getting more boards out at a time.. They don't ship out one at a time. It's probably like 50+ at a time maybe more..

  • @njcustom

    Could be. My comment was based on the email i received from OW:

    Hey CJ,

    I apologize for delivering the bad news but your board shipment will be delayed until the end of October. We are trying everything in our power to get boards out but do not want to sacrifice quality for quantity. As soon as your board is prepped and packed it will be on it's way.

    Hope you understand and we'll get you riding ASAP.

    Kind regards,

    Onewheel Team

  • I'm at 8 weeks and no communications from the company. You would think that they would let you know of any delays, but unless you email, they don't communicate, plus their estimates are just plain wrong. Bottom line, if you're interested in getting a board in 4-6 weeks, it doesn't seem to be happening, but, they will take your credit card on day one, really good at that part of the transaction.

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