Just got OneWheel. A question

  • Just got the onewheel! Took all of a minute to start riding around on it. Going to take a bunch longer to learn how to get off competently. Haahaa. Always seem that is the problem with board sports :).

    In any case, my question is about the bumpers. I ordered a set with my original order. Are there already bumpers on new onewheels? Or do i need to install them once I get them? And are they worth installing, assuming you need to?

    Have these onewheel "business cards" always come with order? Just saw comments from people that others asking about onewheel. I assume these "business cards" are there to hand out if they ask.

  • @Crashem Congratulations! It's so tempting to ride, but worth taking a little time to get off a few times. Bumpers are replacements, so yeah, they are already on new Onewheels. Business cards? Dont remember getting any, but I guess they may come in handy when you experience the "many questions" from people who see you riding.

  • Followup question:

    Just noticed my tire has several little divets along the tread towards the edges. There are like little 1/8 inch ovals taken out of the tire. maybe a total of 8-10 of them. Is that normal?

    Speaking of which, did you guys have to inflate tire when you got it?

  • @Crashem I deflatted lol.. I'm 190 pounds roughly and ride at 14 psi

  • @Crashem Gratz on your new onewheel! Those oval holes are normal. Or at least they are also in my onewheel.

  • @Crashem Nice! I received mine today as well. Truckloads of business cards as well. They're going to have to pay me to hand all these out. I have some tire divots as well, seems normal to me.

  • Tire holes are totally normal and nothing to worry about. The cards are perfect for rides where you don't want to be bothered. If someone looks like they are about to ask what you are riding, just fling a card at their head like a ninja star. It's actually my second favorite thing to do with a Onewheel besides riding a Onewheel.


  • The holes are there so you can see when the tire is worn down..

  • @njcustom said:

    The holes are there so you can see when the tire is worn down..

    WHAT? This is crazy talk! I paid for a complete Onewheel, and I sure as hell didnt pay to get holes!


  • @BadWolf hahaa .. I have a gokart with similar tires, only a little smaller.. But they all have them..

  • Makes sense since they are slicks. Need to be able to see tire wear. Thought it might be like that.

    Btw, don't know when they started to include the business card handouts, but they should have that as a free accessory you can order.

  • @Crashem The cards come with the boards and they also apparently come with the other accessories. I got them with 2 boards, 2 fenders and a set of bumpers all ordered seperately.

  • I got my board back in July. It came with business cards. I don't really hand many out as there's no insentive for me to, but I also don't mind talking to people about it if they ask.

    Back when I got mine, only select orders were getting an extra set of bumpers. I like calling them crash blocks. I ordered an extra set after getting them all scratched up over the summer. Just installed the new ones this morning. Just have to unscrew a few screws, pull out the old, replace with new. Pretty easy. I also added new foot boards. Looks like a new board!

  • 0_1543902881374_20181203_214920.jpg

    Is this the tire divot on your wheels too? I haven't taken mine outside yet and I was just about to email tech support about the divot. Thanks for info about it being a tread depth analog.

  • @Tarototh

    Bringing back 2015! Yeah those are just wear depth marks. When you can no longer see them it's good to start thinking about a tire replacement. Most people ride until the stock Vega no longer holds air.

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