Is the best technology for batteries still lithium iron phosphate?

  • Just curious if anybody knows.

  • Unfortunately, they're currently the best thing going in terms of safety and lifespan. There are a lot of other battery technologies showing a lot of promise, but they haven't yet found a way to make them work on a large scale, or they're just way too expensive to produce.

  • The Onewheel requires a lot of Amps and fairly high voltage as well. The best battery is a bit of a tricky title because while some batteries will hold a charge longer you may not be able to get a lot of power (Power = Current * Voltage) out of them. Charging times can vary too. These batteries can discharge quite a lot of power very quickly which is where the one wheels response comes from.

    TLDR; They may not be the "best" batteries on the market but they are the best for quick discharge and quick recharge needed by the onewheel. (Also FM probably got a good deal on this kind from a manufacturer.)

  • I retrofitted my boards to run on nuclear power. They're amazing but the nosedives suck.

  • @groovyruvy You can make anything better with a jet engine-

  • I was at a Colorado Burning Man event last night and happened to be standing next to a guy that worked at Lockheed battery lab. I asked him about lithium iron phosphate batteries. He said they are considering switching to this technology in satellites because you can deplete these batteries down to 0% without damage.

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