Transporting OW

  • Whats the best way to transport in your car?
    I dont keep it up front cause its crusty.

    In the trunk, it's smashing around like a bull in a china shop. Any genius ideas?

  • I use one of those large blue ikea bags.

  • @daarnold82 Yeah I have been wondering about this as well. Typically it is when I have hop in an Uber with my board that causes the most issues. I always try to put the board against one side of the trunk and then wedge my helmet on the other side of the board to keep it in place. (My helmet is like a baseball hat with a brim which helps) I would say this works, but it doesn't work that well. I wonder how people do it who drive around with it in their trunk all the time.

  • I put it in my "Frunk" (Tesla Model S). It fits perfectly on one side and sits above my spare battery charger. I am getting a second unit and I will construct a foam insert that I can drop my OW+ into. The foam insert/block will prevent the unit from hopefully rolling around a bigger space like the rear trunk.

  • I slide it in on its side between the front and rear seats. And to clean the wheel off, I do an intentional wheel slip on some grass first (brake really hard and put all your weight on the very back of the board so the wheel can spin for a second without much weight on it).

  • I either put it in the back seat with the front footpad's underside resting on the seat and the rear tail on the floor, or I turn it on its side and wedge it between stuff in the trunk. I've seen some guys have a cardboard or plastic box that's just the right size to hold the OW and that keeps it from flipping around in the trunk.

  • I put it on its side in the trunk with my bag of pads and helmet adjacent to hold it in place.

  • I tried something new that seems to work great.
    Use a bungee cord in your trunk and hook it to metal on the top of the trunk and under the board. It kind of suspends half the board in the air and stop it from rolling around all over. 👌

  • I lay each of mine sideways on top of used shopping bags, prevents them from rolling around too much.

  • I have build myself two very easy transportation racks for the trunk to prevent it from smashing around.

  • @cr4p very clever - like it a lot!

  • Here's another way to keep your boards from rolling around in your trunk :)
    0_1505835945341_4 OWs in the trunk.jpg

  • I just throw mine in the trunk and hear some shredding along the way...

  • I thought about this and the easiest method is to use the foam insert and cardboard backing to hold my OW+ from rolling around. Pictures attached1_1506450925660_OW+ on the cardboard holder.jpg 0_1506450925651_Cardboard OW Holder.jpg

  • @cr4p This is brilliant.

  • Love everyone's great ideas and glad to know that others have the same issue. HOWEVER, I mainly have this issue when I have to use Uber which I only use when I have too.

  • @goodblake-eskate ahhh got it. Don't want that board rolling around in the truck of your Uber. Prolly the best bet is to stick it in the back seat with the underside of the front footpad resting on the seat, and the tail resting on the floor- assuming the driver will let that happen :)

  • I keep a used cardboard box in the trunk. The box has some used packing/padding in the bottom so the board nestles in instead of rocking around. The box is about the right length and width for the OW to fit diagonally, again so it doesn't rock around. The box is tall enough that it can not roll with the trunk lid closed. The top is cut off for easy in/out access with the trunk lid open. Its not pretty. It was free and it works for now.

  • @groovyruvy haha yeah I have put it in the trunk a couple of times at the drivers request and I have gotten some strange looks as that think knocks around in their trunk. Oops :)

  • @gadgetrider I can confirm that after using this cardboard insert that comes with the original OW packaging, the secret to the success are the foam inserts. In time, the cardboard backing will deteriorate due to a transfer of moisture that comes from the OW. When it falls apart, I will probably get a thin plywood sheet and transfer the foam inserts onto a more durable backing. Even with my aggressive driving, the OW's never rolled off their mounts in the back.

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