Speed Wobbles?

  • I grew up doing old school down hill skateboarding. Speed wobbles were the kiss of death and pavement rash. Does this happen on the OneWheel? I want to do some downhill runs and want to know what settings, tire pressure, will give the most stability at higher downhill speeds. And if it starts to wobble like a skateboard whose trucks are not tight enough.

  • At first I was wobbling at high speed but a day later I was good.. I ride at 14psi all the time and weigh roughly 190..

  • Its not like downhill longboarding nor even riding a really fast electric skateboard that can go 25mph+. Main reason being that the OW max speed is 15mph (some have pushed it. Eyond) but I doubt you'll routinely hit 20mph. At that speed, the motor is unable to keep you balance and you will nose dive.

  • I've had a slight wobble before and it's because i was going way too fast. Remember it's not a skateboard...there is a motor, and you don't want to push it past its' limits too often.

  • As said above, if you move too fast, you will wobble and nose dive. I learned my lesson. My wheel was full psi too.

  • @njcustom Tonight I graduated to extreme mode. Faster, turns easier...and seems like it might get wobbles when flying down a hill...any thoughts on this?

  • @forzabucks That's helpful. So the motor is the issue and it's ability to keep the board balanced. Thanks.

  • @DFauvre As NJ said, high speed wobbles are common among new riders. I felt mine was very wobbly as well. But that seems to be purely on the riders side. I haven't experienced any wobbling since, no matter what speed.
    Downhill isn't really faster than uphill, or at least flat ground. Unless heavy loaded or steep hill.
    I'm guessing the motor is limited to a certain speed, even with low resistance, and when the wheel can't keep up, you need to slow down.

  • Everyone here has covered this well. Just wanted to add one more comment. The OW is not really a high speed down hill board. Keep in mind that you can actually damage the battery by going on long downhill regenerative runs with a full battery. So if you plan on going on a long downhill ride.. be sure to go the same distance uphill first to effectively drain the battery.

  • @DFauvre practice will eliminate the wobbles.. Also alot of air pressure in the tire will do it. The more air you have the more square the tire wants to sit.. They recommend 20psi but that's gotta be for someone weighting 250 pounds or more.. I'm roughly 190 and ride 14psi

  • Thanks for all the good feedback. Enjoying the OneWheel so much I ride a few times a day and even late at night! I live near a few steep hills. I realize it has automatic braking going downhill...no doubt due to lawyers and not the limitation of the board itself. 1. Can the speed limiter and when 'pushback' braking comes on be customized beyond the 3 presets? 2. If I want to do some fast downhill runs how do I do #2? And I have full motorcycle gear so if I go off...no problem.

  • @DFauvre not sure what you mean by automatic braking.. I lean back to brake and ive hit 21mph on my OW..

  • @DFauvre it's the limitation of the motor/battery and physics. above a certain speed, the motor is unable to spin fast enough to keep the board balanced. the battery and/or motor can't just keep rotating faster to keep you balanced even though gravity riding downhill could certainly accelerate to a faster speed.

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