What happened to support?

  • I've paid full price for 2 onewheels (og and +). My ow+ is dead and I submitted a ticket over a week ago. Haven't heard a peep. For 1499.00 kind of hits you in the gut ya know. Anyone having issues?

  • Call them 1st thing in the morning... if your in a hurry email definitely is not the way to go. My 2c.

  • They answer the phones right away. Emails are a total crap shoot.

  • @cameroni79 yes but the person on the phone just told me to send an email with a video demonstrating the problem to the support address. Not helpful if nobody is answering ANY support emails

  • @readysetawesome yeah. Send the video and call them back. You can have the guy that answers the phone look at the video.

  • @cameroni79 I will do that, thank you. It’s insane that I have to do that, but I will. I guess the support email is just running interference for their actual support persons.

  • @readysetawesome my guess is that they’re growing faster than they can deal with. Success can be scary.

  • Crazy to think that every day there are more owners and older boards. Seems like a scaling nightmare for a new small company. And I'm sure they've been primarily focused on production rather than ramping up support. Hopefully just growing pains and they will figure it out.

    I emailed a pretty simple request/question to support recently and it took 8 days to get a response (with an apology for the delay). They must really be in the thick of it.

  • They should really start to give official answers here in the Forum, to start to create a knowledge base.

    I imagine most of the emails they get must be from people asking the same stuff over and over. If their official answers were already available here in the forum people wouldn't need to send an email asking it again.

  • Hey!

    Just to say I sent my OW for a motor issue. Sent it 3 weeks ago and got it this week on monday fixed!

    The ticket took few days to get an answer but always had one, just a question of time.

    I really liked the speed and I think that if they do not answer quick it’s because they work hard aside.

    Thumbs up to FM, I like you and your support 👍


  • @lirou Dude I've been on here for 2 years and we've been saying this the whole time... It would be great if FM had a voice here, but I wouldn't hold your breath.
    As for servicing, I've had my Plus in the shop for 2 weeks. I just sent an email to check on the servicing and get a timeline of when it should be completed. In general, support was SO much better last year, before they launched a new product and got a huge influx of new riders.

  • @el_puente said in What happened to support?:

    Crazy to think that every day there are more owners and older boards. Seems like a scaling nightmare for a new small company. And I'm sure they've been primarily focused on production rather than ramping up support. Hopefully just growing pains and they will figure it out.

    I've had that same thought. They're not just dealing with these guys who just bought their plus and are having problems, they're also dealing with the thousands of boards over the past 3 years... and like you said, the older boards start to break down and people need support.

    People say they expect so much for what they paid, but they're not making a ton of profit on these boards... what you're paying for is the tech and just a really well-made piece of machinery.

    FM is probably freaking out trying to figure out how to make a profit and also hire a huge support team to handle all the customer issues.

  • @thegreck


    More and more people are able to take their boards apart for traveling or tire change/upgrade.

    Betcha many of these boards being sent in are for minor issues that FM could spare the hassle.
    Many of these, FM is paying for shipping and they're holding back work force that could be spent on urgent issues.

    Like letting people send their wheel only for tire change than the whole board.

    Priority Mail is cheaper and faster turn around.

    If it's a battery issue, send the battery module.
    If it's a controller issue, send the controller module.
    Takes about 5 minutes to take these out.

    They could do a "how to" videos and most people won't have a problem doing it themselves.

    Pretty staright forward.

  • @sonny123 Wonder if they're trying to figure out a way to make them more modular, or if the idea scares them.

  • @thegreck

    One of the things I love most about Onewheel is the way it's built/put together.
    Work of art. Built like a Hummer.

    Honestly, I don't think it can be built to diassemble easier than that without increasing cost.

    Once you take it apart, you won't believe how easy it is.

  • I absolutely love my board, but...I think its ridiculous that individual parts are not able to be sent out or purchased.
    The whole warranty void if tampered with stickers are lame too.
    They are making a healthy profit. All parts come from china. I bet they have less than $3-500 in each board...probably much less.
    I come from dirt bikes, bicycles, drones, etc...all of which I can work on myself. Get what ever parts I need and make it happen. Dont like relying on someone to maintain my stuff! (or paying for it!)

  • @sonny123 this is a really good idea in hindsight but the reality is some people aren't good enough with their tech to be able to do some disassembling and feel confident in it. Additionally, if someone did do this and hurt themselves or messed up their board beyond repair that would create a PR nightmare that i'm sure they cant really afford to handle either. If they did this they would also have to make people sign a terms and agreement saying that in disassembly of ones own board, FM is not responsible to replace it if a problem is created by the owner during the disassembly process. then you run into insurance claims like for cars and "how do you know it wasn't like that when i took it apart?" and that leads to more lawyer's fees etc, etc.

  • The board is extremely easy to disassemble and very well made. I hope they don't cheap out in the future to cut costs and maximize profit. It would literally be the end of Onewheel for me. It really only has 3 main components. Battery module,Control module, and motor.
    I've taken it apart countless times to get stubborn dirt and just inspecting for wear. I can take it apart and back together in 10 min. I hope they let us just send components in the future. Or have a shop to buy parts.

  • @cascadewheeler what makes you think all parts are coming from china? I've taken apart the modules and the printed circuit board comes from a manufacturer in Fremont, CA. The battery component is also assembled in CA. The fact that it's assembled in San Jose is going to automatically cost more due to higher wages. I just hope they continue to grow right here in the Bay Area and don't move overseas, then you'll have the cheap Chinese board your talking about.

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