The greatest...period

  • @gadgetrider Great to hear the OW has extended your range!
    The one thing I would be even more interested in is this:
    do you feel even your "walking range" has been extended?
    I wouldn't be surprised given that your core is kinda massaged during the OW rides.
    And that could loosen up other muscles/nerves/etc.. such that walking becomes less painful again.

  • @saturnone I think the fact that your using more of your body to make precise movements makes it more fun. Using a remote on the boosted board kinda cheapened the experience for me. I feel my body is in tune with the onewheel and overtime I'll continue to understand it's strengths and limitations, it's an understanding you get on all board sports. I like that I'm keeping my legs in shape in the summer. Overall I feel lucky to be living in a time where we can enjoy this technology and watch the industry grow. And it's really freaken fun!

  • Yep, once you're comfortable on Onewheel,
    it's way more fluid than e. board.
    Love my Metroboard and take it out once in a while.
    But nothing beats the +

  • I thought this post was going to be about Muhammad Ali.

  • @thegreck it could of been about contraceptics for women as well

  • Dunno about the greatest period.
    I don't want to be 75 at the park with a walker and a real hoverboard zips by.
    That would suck...

  • The flipside is when you love your OW+ so much you get a repetitive stress fracture in your foot after the first week because you didn't take it slow let your feet adjust to your bumpy sidewalk. The sadness of the coming empty weeks is crushing. I have to leave my lonely OW+ behind every day, parked on the charger, batteries perfectly balanced...

  • Talk about hoverboard,
    no one is having as much fun as this guy...

  • @sonny123 take my money!

  • @desperado I can hear the violin while reading this

  • @saturnone I can't determine if my walking range has improved but funny enough - my golf driving distances have! I am also an avid golfer and the secret to distance is better core rotation. The OW riding has helped my balance and with that, my turning flexibility using my core muscles. It's all good!

  • I took my son on a popular trail by the lake this weekend.

    My son tells me the "OW is the best purchase ever!". Partially because OW sightings in Canada are so rare, we get the most outrageous reactions when pedestrians see us coming. One jogger said we looked like aliens from outer space. All the kids and many adults confirmed the "coolness" factor. Some kids were trying to chase us - trying to keep up to us as we zoomed by. We we finally stopped at our parking space, we were pelted with questions like "is that electric? How do you move on that? Did you make that yourself? What is the range of that thing? Where did you get it? etc, etc. I can't emphasize how much fun this toy has been for us. Winter is going to be a tough hiatus from OW-ing. I am seriously thinking about taking it with me on a vacation somewhere....