OW on a Slackline?

  • There's a picture of a guy on onewheel.com who is riding his OW along a slackline. This seems to be the only appearance of it I can find - does anybody else have any pics or vids of someone doing this? I'd love to see it!


  • @sam Hm, I've seen folks doing it on a unicycle. Not on a OW..

  • @sam I've seen a few videos of people doing this, but I can't seem to track them down aside from one video posted on the Onewheel Owner's FB Group (his name is Billy Shannon, you can search his name in the group if you're a member). He falls off at the end of that one, but I've seen guys who can ride back and forth on it, which is amazing.

    I think one video clip might've been a Rideonewheel's Instagram story, which unfortunately disappear after 24 hours. And my Google searches have been useless so far.

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