I participated in a transit race across downtown Seattle during rush hour on my Onewheel+ ...and I won

  • GeekWire’s Great Race: We pitted cars, bus, bike and skateboard at rush hour, with a surprising result

    Here's an Endomondo log of the ride.

    • Distance: 4.77 mi
    • Duration: 31m:21s
    • Avg. Speed: 9.13 mph
    • Max Speed: 19.34 mph

    I started the ride at 91% battery, and finished at 17% battery. That's 74% battery usage for a 4.77 mile ride, and figures out to about 6.5 miles of total range, which is near the upper end of the "5-7 mile" advertised range.

    I was riding in "Mission" mode for the whole race. I did the opposite ride (downtown to their office) immediately before the race in "Delirium" mode, but I wasn't trying to go as fast. For some reason I was getting serious foot fatigue on the way there. I thought maybe somehow it had something to do with the mode, which is why I switched to Mission for the race. I didn't experience nearly as much fatigue on the ride during the race, but I have no idea if it was related to the mode or something else.

  • @the_tim that's awesome, thanks for sharing! For whatever it's worth I can get foot fatigue in any mode, sometimes those muscles just need a break and won't cooperate :)

  • Congrats. I got so much foot fatigue I got a repetitive stress fracture. I think it's just something you have to really get used to. Don't push your feet too hard. Also, if you are not near the top end of the weight limit, take some air out of the tire, it will soften the impact to your feet. I'm 150 lbs and 13 psi works well for me. A 285 lb guy might need the full 20 psi, but for me it just makes the ride really bumpy.

  • Congrats Tim! Awesome!!!
    My Onewheel+ is arriving tomorrow, and I'm having a hard time concentrating today.

    One question - could you have done this any quicker with a Boosted Board, or maybe an Evolve GT? I know you mentioned the roads were pretty bad. Just curious.

  • Yea I saw this when FM shared it on facebook earlier, very cool dude!!! How long have you been riding onewheel? Says a lot about transportation in urban areas. Portable electric vehicles are the shit. And onewheel is probably the coolest one so far.

  • @wheelcity said:

    One question - could you have done this any quicker with a Boosted Board, or maybe an Evolve GT?

    Boosted has pretty much the same top speed as the Onewheel+. The Evolve GT has a slightly higher top speed, but honestly on any electric board I wouldn't personally feel safe going much faster than I did.

    @slydogstroh said:

    How long have you been riding onewheel?

    My Onewheel+ came in mid-April, so... about five months. I've been riding electric skateboards for about five years, but learning the Onewheel was pretty different. I think for the first month or so I was pretty wobbly and unsure, and I definitely took a few spills, then eventually it all just clicked.

  • Finished processing the video from the ride, including adding the live commentary I recorded on my separate audio recorder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHpm7suXxyY

  • @the_tim just watched your video :) You took it easy on your competitors and still beat them handily on your Onewheel+ ! Nicely done.

  • This article is the reason how I discovered Onewheel and why I bought one! I almost wish I commuted to work, just so I could use it for that! :) Almost.

    I had seen one before in my neighborhood at night, but didn't know what it was.

    I'm pretty old and never used safety equipment when longboarding, but I need to use my hands for work so the first thing I got was a helmet and wrist guards. After the second crash I realized I needed elbow guards, and saw enough people using knee pads that I figured I might as well get those too ...

    The Onewheel has returned the old skateboarding excitement back!

  • @poppavein welcome back young man!

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