Android 8 issues

  • Any other boarders out there that refuse to bow to the Apple gods? My new Pixel XL phone shipped with Android 8. The onewheel app doesn't recognize the boards. My guess is a specific bluetooth version was coupled to the app in error. For $1499.00 does anyone else find it unacceptable to not provide your users with an app and be responsible in releasing updates as the technology around this grows?

    No way to see battery usage, no way to know what mode you are in without pulling up a website and watching blinking lights. You say you can still ride it, I say don't go more further than you are willing to walk with onewheel in hand.

  • There are two other threads about this issue.

  • @louman73 I also have a pixel XL and recently updated to Android O and have had no luck with connecting since(every other bluetooth device I own connects fine)..

    I'm a hardcore Android user and finally had to break down and aquire an old iPhone 5c for free from a relative as I depend on my OW+ heavily to get around as I have no car.. it works flawlessly go figure..I hope they get this sorted soon as I'm not happy having to remember to carry and charge 2 phones everytime I go out.. they need to stop treating us Android users like second class.

  • This is really not an Android vs. iPhone thing. The OW still works just fine with all phones that have not been updated to Oreo yet.

    As far as we know, Google is already working on a patch, as this has affected a lot of Bluetooth devices, and not just the OW.

  • @lirou it's not a iOS vs Android thing, I also have an old iPhone which I now use for working with my onewheels. My ow+ is dead and in the hands of future motion currently.

  • So yesterday I went on my board, and when trying to connect, it gave me a warning about Android Oreo having difficultly connecting, but gave me the option to try and connect anyway. Low and connected! I'm running a Google Nexus 5X. I am coming from the same issue everyone else had. Dunno if someone did a fix, but it seems to work for me now.

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