Onewheel+ - notes from the first day of ownership

    • “Pushback” isn’t this awful smack upside the head I thought it would be. It’s more like “Glideback” for it’s a slow, graceful lift of the front, then a gradual slow down. Didn’t bother me one bit.

    • Going down a hill is the best - it feels like a helicopter coming down for a landing

    • Before I started, I put on every known pad to mankind, except maybe a cup - I’ve read all the horror stories about accidents, and wanted to not have to explain anything to my wife (I’m 47 years old).

    • My golden retriever loves chasing me on it - it’s so much more fun (and safer) to take her around the neighborhood on a Onewheel+ vs a skateboard, for I can control my speed so I don’t get too far ahead, or behind her when traffic appears. I can also tire her out more, for I can cover a greater distance.

    • To make smooth snowboard turns, don’t think about your feet. Just lean your body, and the OneWheel will figure it out.

    • Speaking of snowboards, this is much easier to ride than a freebord (the most insanely difficult wheeled board on the planet to master). Hats off to those of you who ride one, or a Leifboard, the electric version.

    • Speaking of golden retrievers, I think mine ate the rubber plug that blocks the charging port. All her toys are rubber, and I suppose she mistook this for another one. Will my Onewheel be okay without this rubber plug?

    • This thing is a tractor! It goes over rocks, pinecones, tennis balls, and anything else that would cause me to wipe out on a skateboard.

    • It’s not as hard to get the hang of as I thought - I was buzzing around the neighborhood at top speed in Mission mode in less than 10 minutes

    • Dismounting? Much much harder. Whenever I raise my heel on my front foot, the board tilts laterally, which has caused a couple spills. I need to work on this more.

    Overall, I can’t wait to ride it again - this thing is stupid additive!

  • your board is good without the dummy plug as long as it doesn't really get too soaking wet. Id avoid deep puddles in the meantime but rain will be fine.

    to dismount you should be able to slide your foot off the sensor instead of just lifting your heel. if you slide it off the front the board should just return to a standing position with the rear pad on the ground.

    Hope this helps and happy riding!

  • Did your OW come out of the box with a dummy plug?

  • @polle I was wondering the same thing since mine certainly did not.

  • @goodblake-eskate @Polle haha was also wondering about it while reading this post haha
    But yeah wouldn't be that hard to put ONE dummy plug into it for 1500$

  • Welcome @WheelCity! For those that were asking, dummy plugs don't come with the OW, but you can order them here:

  • Thanks everyone!

    I ordered 2 of those badboy 89¢ plugs. After I lost my original plug, it felt like riding around with my fly open. Now I'm complete!

  • @wheelcity The fact that pushback feels gentle to you means you're riding properly, which comes from your snowboard and freebord experience. The people who it f*cks up are the ones who lean into it too much and when the Onewheel pushback kicks in, it rockets them forward instead of making them lean back as it's meant to do.

  • @WheelCity Welcome to oneWheel! You sound a lot like me. I started one wheeling about three months ago and was immediately comfortable riding 'fast' very quickly because I did other board sports. The downside of that on the one wheel is you can get overconfident and have a nasty crash. When I first started, I would ride in mission mode at around 19-20mph and I thought I was fine, but you are more on the edge than you realize. After two weeks of riding I had a nasty nosedive crash that grounded me from riding (or doing anything else active) for a few weeks. I thought my board powered down on me, but I found this forum and realized it was user error. I then adjusted my riding style based on the feedback I got here and on the Facebook page. That was several months ago and I haven't nosedived since. But, in addition to changing my stance/riding style, I've also slowed down and rarely ride much over about 16mph. I have not found this to reduce my enjoyment of the one wheel as I like to do deep carves and play with obstacles that I couldn't do on a skateboard. If I want a pure speed fix, I jump on my evolve skateboard instead and find a hill to bomb. So, anyway, just be careful. BTW, it was this bullet that inspired me to reply:

    "It’s not as hard to get the hang of as I thought - I was buzzing around the neighborhood at top speed in Mission mode in less than 10 minutes"

  • Thanks
    for your feedback about pushback. (I am not a rapper - really :)
    Reading this forums for weeks before purchase has helped my confidence completely.

    How does your Onewheel compare with your Evolve? I agonized over which to purchase, but decided on the Onewheel because I realized at my age, I have no business going 25mph on a skateboard. Which one is more fun to ride through your neighborhood? Would you recommend purchasing an electric skateboard after owning a Onewheel?

  • @wheelcity

    Onewheel ain't about speed.
    Almost all those who came from electric skateboards never go back.
    You made the right choice.

  • @davew0815 said in Onewheel+ - notes from the first day of ownership:

    I like to do deep carves and play with obstacles that I couldn't do on a skateboard. If I want a pure speed fix, I jump on my evolve skateboard instead and find a hill to bomb.

    My thoughts exactly. I enjoy the nimble / playfulness of the Onewheel. If I am looking for more straight line speed and bigger longer turns at speed, I take out the Evolve. However, there aren't as many opportunities for this sort of riding where I live, and therefore I tend to stick to the Onewheel most of the time. Also the Evolve seems to require constant tinkering to keep it performing correctly.

  • @wheelcity If I only had one, I'd want the one wheel. I like the evolve as well but I ride it much less now that I have the one wheel. It's not the same feeling of freedom, and you can just ride it everywhere like you can the one wheel. Note that I ride for fun, not transportation. If I was using it for commuting, then maybe the evolve (or boosted) would be a better choice. It can certainly go further and you don't get as tired riding it.

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