WoW, the Onewheel eBay sellers are insane``````

  • Damn I just want to get one earlier, and I know that Time = Money, but $1999? That is madness.

    I hope Future Motion can do something about it, and the only way to do it is to expand the production. Why not hire/trainer more workers? it is a win-win after all.....

  • @LGUMI The seller is not that crazy...The dude on ebay already paid for shipping and taxes and is also going to ship it out for free. Ebay will be taking its 10%...So he will probably make around 100 bucks if it goes for $2k.

  • Ok, he raises the price from 1545 to 1999, in 3 month, so that is why I said it is insane. For people like him who is purchasing a relatively large quantity of Onewheel to sell, my guess is that he purchase the board below 1499 for each. (unless he raises the selling price because FM raises his purchasing price, I am not sure)

    Either way, I hope FM can increase their production soon.....

  • The OneWheel is great because if you can find one to buy you can sell it for nearly what you paid for it. Name one thing that you can have that much fun with and sell for the same price when you decide you don't want it anymore.... Not many things... $2000 is just $350 profit to someone who bought it full price because of tax and shipping... Seems fair to me to pay $350 to forgo the wait and get it now... Just my opinion... That dude on Ebay pays less though... He likely has a relationship with OW is my guess... Probably like 1250.

    A bit off the subject but I saw yesterday that if any of us had the foresight to buy an original iPhone 1 and leave it in the plastic unused guess what that brings now?... 15,000-25,000! And that is what they really sell for if you look under previous sales... Its nuts...!! @LGUMI @SC720

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  • @MichaelW Now you brought up the iPhone 1, I recalled how much more insane the old days used to be`````I do agree with you that there aren't many things in the market that contain both fun and resell value like Onewheel (that why I try to get one as soon as possible but take care of my wallet at the same time), but I just want to point out that the long manufacture time contributes a lot to the resell value.

    Obviously, Onewheel gives so much fun to the users, and not many people are willing to sell theirs. Oh well, looks like I better wait then.....

  • @LGUMI Don't worry there's another one for "buy it now" listed on ebay for...


    Of which they claim they will give half to charity...(Im sure).
    I should mention you can bid for much

  • @SC720 I saw that listing too! If anyone wants mine for half a million I'll overnight it and I won't even charge you shipping. Oh, and then I'll happily wait 6-12 weeks for my Onewheel fleet to arrive:laughing:

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  • @SC720 LOL, those are jokes, period.....

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