Is this foot position bad or good?

  • Hi all - newbie here... i have read a lot, and I have a OW+
    I have ridden a bit

    So I seem to have organically found that I seem to prefer to have my front foot right up against the fender, but my rear foot about 1/2 way front to back.

    Is this a bad idea?

    also... I seem to find myself using my rear foot mostly for leaning the board left / right (of course I lean with my body a little bit too)

    while my front foot is much less involved with turning...

    (does this make sense?)

    thanks for any thoughts....

  • I think it comes down to what makes you comfortable.
    It's been said that foot close to fender seem to give more speed.

  • I always keep my front foot around the middle of the front pad with erring closer to the wheel. I think it's really important (for newer people especially) to keep their front foot close to the wheel as it will help prevent nosedives. Also be sure not to lean forward to accelerate, but instead focus on tilting the front of the board down and keeping your weight centered. As you said you use your rear foot primarily anyway so just raise or apply slightly less pressure with your back foot and this will in turn lower the front of the board. Then apply more pressure with your rear foot to slow down. By focusing on you rear foot, this will keep you back to be able to correct or prevent nosedives. Good luck

  • Thanks Sonny123 and goodblake-eskate for the good info.


  • I too like to have my front foot as close to the wheel as possible. I would often feel my heel rubbing the tire without the fender. Now that I have the fender, I find I "lock" my heel against it, and actually use the fender for more control and stability. I can lean and not have my front foot move, as it's held there by the fender. I like to ride duck footed, so the front of my foot is in the middle of the pad, and my heels touch the fender. Good stance if you are learning to ride switch, or fakie.

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