Finally had to do it: roasted Onewheel for lack of support publicly on Facebook

  • I targeted one of their marketing posts because can't get any response at all after 2 weeks and 2 support tickets and a call to support. Totally insane given the sticker price on my brand new board which is malfunctioning.

  • @readysetawesome

    That's very odd.
    Honestly, their CS had been top notch all along.
    Something must be going on.

  • bummer too because I love the board so completely and was it's #1 evangelist until it started clicking/grinding and suffering from an extremely incorrect battery gauge.

    I want to believe they'll make it right it's just alarming how much they are not in a hurry to do anything at all for me.

  • @readysetawesome

    Have you tried tightening the main screws?

    Also, try 24-48 charge.

  • @sonny123 yes, I've tried it all, multiple times. The sound is coming from inside the hub. The click/grind goes away if I loosen all the bolts holding on the wheel hub cover. But I can't ride like that because it would void my warranty right?

    But, then again, what good is a warranty if I can't get support anyway?

  • Simply for information : the vast majority of European buyers are still waiting for the delivery of the boards commissioned at the beginning of the year. Yes, FutureMotion answers: "It's going to happen, we're working on it" but now European customers still expecting very very patiently that FutureMotion deign to honor its orders and deliver our boards. Good luck however! Have a good ride.

  • Boards which have been paid since April 2017 :P

  • @jean-paul-start yes that's true. I ordered directly at FM, because was writing with a dealer since April and the only thing that changed was the month of expected delivery. Actually it's Oktober what the shop meant but I think FM won't ship to dealers in 2017

  • @tartopom ...or earlier! :-(

  • I got my board from a dealer in Kiev mid August. I've seen plenty of other people that got their boards in Europe this summer too.

  • @lirou really? So only the Austrian dealers have problems 😂 but it was annoying so I ordered directly but the tax was massive 😑 bit definately worth it :D

  • @lirou Really? Promises, latencies, postponements, new promises, new complications, new postponements: this is the real situation in France, Switzerland, Belgium, ...Congratulations if you could have one.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yep. I went by my local dealer ( ) mid July, they told me they were expecting it in August, and mid August he called me saying it arrived. I've been commuting to work on it every day since.

    On the Facebook group I've seen people from Sweden, Germany, France and Hungary with a plus, not sure if they bought directly or thru a dealer, though.

  • I've had a ticket open for over a month now. My bricked board finally made it to FM last week.

    I am a patient person and I wouldn't mind if when opening the ticket they said, "due to high volume of service requests this repair may take up to 60 days" or anything. I went weeks with no replies to any emails or any kind of assistance until I finally said, "I will pay to have the board shipped back for a refund so I can be done with this". The next day I received my shipping label.

    Again, I'm ok with things being delayed as long as there is honest communication. That's the only thing I ask as a consumer.

  • I’ve calmed down and removed my Facebook comment as the click is just an annoyance that comes and goes. Also now the battery gauge seems to have finally recalibrated itself and is at least closer to being right. Still waiting for any response from support about the clicking.

  • I have made a claim since Monday and now it's 5 days later and still no ticket... when you call support it rings and then says to please leave a message and then hangs up so you can't leave a message...☹

  • I feel like im in the same board. i have no choice but to look at the facts and facts are that i have had the nonexistent support from oneWheel thusfar. same thing #1 fan (sorry mate, i've been raving about OW since the early kickstarter days hehe) but

    Its been only 3 weeks, auto responder started response within 24 hours. now 3 weeks later, - nada. still nothing, will be posting on social media and emailed the main info email by now. but its getting ridiculous. Could have been really hard to say "we're extremely busy, but we'd get to you in x-amount of time?" I have no idea if anyone is even on the other side there. really bummed about this snag. Hard to sell 'tarmac surf' epic ride to the locals in my town and buddies and colleagues alike, when they all know my borked ride for whatever reason is getting NO 'care' from OW side. thats PR dodo in the making. would put n00bs off for sure.

  • FWIW They did resolve my issues eventually, I had to be persistent and call the support number to get more attention on my open support ticket. I’d bet they have a backlog presently due to the recent new product launch . Which is no excuse just a possible explanation.

  • Sorry to hear about your poor response. FMs CS has been stellar for me. As for getting the board I ordered my in February and it arrived in June and I live in Iceland.

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