• Was going about 3 mph(?) in mission mode on a sidewalk.

    Came up to a 1” deep sink hole as big as a dinner plate.

    Wheel entered hole but stopped suddenly when it hit 1” edge on the way out of hole. The inertia caused board to rotate down (forward) and then shoot forward out from under me throwing me off backward onto my elbow. At least I think that’s what happened.

    I’m not sure what I did wrong. Maybe I was going too slow? Maybe delirium is better for rough sidewalks? Just before accident I noticed that board would slow significantly when sidewalk had acorns and other debris on it, I had to lean forward more to maintain constant speed on dirty sidewalks.

    I landed on my rear (left) elbow. Despite having 12 pads / braces / helmet on, I still managed to break both the radius and ulna bones right through my elbow pad. My first onewheel accident at 40 miles. I’ll find out if I need surgery next week.

    Soooo apparently wearing pads doesn’t cut it. These are not crap pads (AFAIK), they are highly rated on amazon anyway. I’m already wearing a brace and a knee pad for front knee. Maybe I should also double up for rear elbow.

  • @kohesion 🤔🤔🤔

  • @kohesion hi I experienced the same sometimes. If you are too slow then a little sharp 1 inch bump it's enough that the wheel gets stuck. If you go faster over this you shred over and recognize a little bump but you can go over.
    what I do is that I make curves at slow speed over sharp edges so that the tire not go straight over the edge and this helps also

  • @kohesion Yeah I have found going over any straight bumps(like a lip or driveway or something) even if it is small, it is better to take these at an angle. Otherwise the board gets stuck and will spin out basically. Having more speed helps prevent this sometimes too, but sometimes it doesn't.

    Also please don't lean forward to accelerate as this is a recipe for disaster. You need to focus on pointing the front of the board down and keeping your weight centered over the board.

    Hope you heal soon

  • I had the same issue when going too slow, ended up doing a really awkward and painful splits the first day I got it. You just don't have enough inertia so the motor has to suddenly try to lift you an inch off the ground and it can't. Above 5 mph a 1 inch bump doesn't slow me down. Hitting at an angle works but requires good balance as the board twists. At least you didn't break your foot and can keep riding!

  • You need to “get light” i.e. give a little hop without pulling your feet up off the board. Also I believe you’ll have better bump and pothole recovery using delerium as it responds to gyro changes more quickly and aggressively.

  • Ya... PRE LOAD like the moto guys do...brrrappppp!

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