High Speed Nose Dive in Delirium (WW+)

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    1. Keep your front foot fairly close to the tire. I would say middle of the pad and closer. (The original OW forced you to keep this stance the way the sensors were setup. However with the new OW+, you can put your feet wherever which I believe it problematic for those new to OWs)

    Why do you recommend front foot close to the tire? What is the benefit?

  • @sfctac As others have mentioned, the further your foot is from the tire the more power needed to keep you upright. So benefits 1. more power to be applied to speed versus keeping you upright 2. less likely you will have a nosedive as it requires less power 3. more likely you would be able to pull out of a nosedive or run it out as your weight is further back rather on the front edge.

  • @goodblake-eskate
    Great tips. I've been trying to do #1 when I remember, but #2 I think is what I need to focus on more. I had my first nose dive yesterday (2-month owner of the OW+) and I'm convinced that in my attempt to accelerate quickly, I missed the pushback altogether. From a stop to the dive, I think I only traveled 30 ft, but the OW got up 18.5mph before it cut out. I've been on the forums daily and have read everything on pushback and nosediving. I've been pretty good about feeling the pushback and laying off but the second you lose some focus, the OW will humble you. I was able to walk away with only a sore neck and some bruises (biggest bruise was to my pride), but now that I've gotten my first nosedive out of the way, I'll be more focused and will hopefully be able to recognize and run it out next time (although hard because I am usually in dress shoes on my way to work).

  • @clevemont Yeah I know the feeling. I wear a suit to work everyday and ride the onewheel to work everyday. However I almost always wear skateboarding type shoes then change once I get to work. I do this to feel more comfortable and to limit the wear and tear on my dress shoes.

  • @goodblake-eskate I actually am considering maybe changing up the shoes. Got a nice scuff on these 5-year-old dress shoes yesterday. I also put a hole in my pants right near a belt loop, scuffed up my leather belt, and got a lot of dirt on my back which everyone at work proceeded to point out to me all day.

  • @clevemont Oh man that is brutal! Yeah I just got a backpack that has a section specific for shoes in the bottom. I just put my shoes and charger in my bag everyday and head on. Its more comfortable and ultimately easier than dealing with riding in dress shoes and having to deal with keeping them clean or maintenance if you get scuffs like that.
    However these minor inconveniences would never convince me to start driving again. I try to avoid the car at all costs and gotten to the point that I hate when I have to drive somewhere.

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