What's the turnaround time for FM changing a tire?

  • I went to 2 tire shops and 3 motorcycle / scooter shops in Boulder Colorado. Could only find one that was willing to do it. He said it took him 3 hours and is only charging me $75 and I brought in the tire. He was a really nice guy so I'm sure he wasn't ripping me off, but dang!

    Might as well send it in to FM next time.

  • Have you tried a go kart mechanic? It shouldn't take more than a few minutes for an experienced mechanic with the right tools.

  • I took my OW in to a custom tire shop in Omaha and and brought in my new hoosier tire. the shop changed it in 15 minutes and charge me $10. I did take the wheel off the board before taking it to the shop.

  • $75?
    Man I'm in the wrong business...

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