Sensor pads on back foot?

  • I'm a new OW+ owner, had it a few weeks now, never had any boarding experience before.

    I noticed that when I get off-balance and am about to fall, my back foot (right foot) goes off the board first. With the sensor pads in the front, my board would usually keep going with my left (forward) foot still on it.

    So, I decided to put my sensor pads on the back foot - that way, the motor cuts off sooner and I don't get that awkward position of getting my legs pulled apart from a board that's still rolling.

    Anybody else tried this? Am I making a huge mistake? It seems to work alright for me so far.

  • You mean, you decided to ride the board fakie/switch as your forward direction primarily? wow. I'm not sure if that would cause any technical issue. How is the app recording your distance and speed? Is it doing it normally? I would be interested to know. Also, I think the pitch angle for the ride modes assume you are facing the front. Waiting to see other riders comments on this.

  • There is no problem riding switch. As long as your foot doesn't come off the pressure pad it should be fine. When making sharp turn my back foot comes off the pad to push against the rail, so if I had my pressure sensor at the back at that time, the board might shut off in the middle of a turn.

  • I ride sensor in the back on the V1. I prefer it because I feel more stable on backside turns. Have had no issues with it. Bought a board same time as my homie (he rides sensor front) last year and after 700+ miles it's made no difference.

  • It shouldn't make a difference as the board would only shut off if you were going less than 1 mph when having a foot off the sensor.

  • I find that the board's posture is different when riding with the sensors under the back foot. Good practice to ride this way and helps even tire wear.