Bluetooth based security

  • I had to take a long walk back to my car the other day when I ran out of battery, and ended up stashing my OW+ off the road in the woods near a spot I'd recognize. As I was walking back I though of this: having a security option in the app that when enabled, will completely lock the OW when it gets out of bluetooth range of your phone. It'd be a switchable feature in case you don't want to take your phone with you at times. It can even help you find your OW just like those little bluetooth trackers, in case it decides to get 'moved' on you, and have a proximity setting that will vibrate your phone if it gets outside a certain number of feet from you. Seeing as how there's not a visibly easy way to reset the bluetooth security on the outside of the OW, it makes sense that this would be a decent way to secure it using it's existing technology. Also, this part I'm not sure of, just guessing, but if OW+ uses Bluetooth 4 or 4.1, I think that's already low energy (LE) so this should burn minimum battery to operate. Maybe even have a mode where the security connectivity function would be on even if the board is 'off'?

  • What if you loose your phone? I'd rather have a key combination that can be used to lock/unlock the board from any phone only when the board is on. That way there is no need to have bluetooth always on draining the battery.

  • When the board powers on, it would try to connect and your app would automatically transmit the password. So it just starts working. If you connect with another phone, you would be prompted for a password. The password would be stored in non-volatile memory so disconnecting the battery wouldn't reset it.
    This would only really work as a theft deterrent if Onewheels were widely known in the thieving community to be totally bricked and useless without the password, in the same way iPhone theft dropped after Apple introduced iOS Activation Lock. My guess is that most would-be thieves wouldn't even be aware of the security feature until they got the board home. And even if the board were totally bricked, the batteries and motor are still worth a lot.
    An audible alarm might be a better deterrent. Once you lock the board with the app, it will set off a car-alarm-grade siren if it's moved. To top it off, you'd want a visible blinking red warning light and security sticker.

  • @desperado Audible alarm once it gets outside of a preset proximity range, great idea!

  • @sfctac Custom pairing password should allow you to re-pair to another device once set. Also, Bluetooth LE uses minimal battery, the little tracker chips you can put on a keyring last a year on a watch battery

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