Unusually Fast Delivery?

  • So I ordered my OneWheel on October 29th of this year, and I just received tracking for my onewheel last night, December 11th. That means it has only been ~6 weeks and I should get my board this coming week, the 7th week after my purchase?

    Is this unusual? I thought everyone else wasn't getting their boards until around the 10-12 week mark? Am I just lucky?

  • @uncbeast5 I think they're finally starting to catch up to demand. I ordered mine 10/21 and just found out it's being delivered this Tues (12/15)! Wasn't expecting to get it until January.

  • That's cool. Yeah one of my boards arrived in under 6 weeks, then another one took around 10 weeks. They seem to produce orders in surges with supply chain hiccups, so if you ordered at the right time it sounds like you're sorted with a faster turnaround.

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