Notes after the first 7 days (101 miles!)

    • Many things I’ve done are fun, but this is on a higher plane - that is, it’s addictive! When I’m not riding my Onewheel, I’m thinking about when I can ride it again.
    • Riding a regular skateboard after nothing but Onewheel for a week is DANGEROUS! I found myself leaning forward, and backwards, and almost falling off both ends of the board. I had to remind myself to stay still. Plus, the vibration was annoying - nothing like a 20psi tire to go over rough pavement.
    • Riding at night is a dream, with my J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight ($12 from Amazon.) Holy crap, this is the brightest flashlight I’ve seen in my entire life. Other flashlights shines some pattern that looks like a “@“ - This is a !&#$ing spotlight. At first, I rubber-banded it to the brim of my baseball hat, but realized I liked holding it in my hand better.
    • Delirium mode, all day, every day. I can tell when I’m going around 15mph, and I can feel the slight pushback.
    • I think I get worse “mileage” in Delerium mode, due to the higher-revving, and responsiveness. I’ll test this further.
    • I can’t imagine going much faster on an electric skateboard, such as a Boosted, or Evolve, with those hard skate wheels. 15mph is plenty fast for me.
    • I wish I had more range. I’m getting over 6 miles per charge.
    • I ride goofy (right foot in front), and have been working on going backwards. First time was mega-difficult, I wiped out 2 or 3 times, but now, I can ride in both directions. So far, I haven’t found a reason to ride backwards - maybe less strain on my legs?
    • My right (front) knee hurts after riding. Maybe it’s the twisting I’m doing upon dismount? - need to explore this a bit.
    • ZERO NOSEDIVES! Thanks all previous posters, I know what to look out for.
    • I live near a golf course, and riding on the cart paths is soooo much fun, with the hills and corners. Even more fun, is riding on the fairways, especially down hills. Just like snowboarding. The OW tire doesn’t damage the grass whatsoever.
    • I can’t wait for my Apple Watch to arrive, for I feel like a dork riding down the street looking at my iPhone.
    • I’ve met so many nice neighbors, who flag me down, asking what I’m riding.
    • I live on top of a hill, and keep getting this message when I start off: "Your OW will turn off soon due to over regeneration..." So, I just turn off on side street, and wear the battery down 2 or 3 point before I re-attempt the hill. Is there a better way to handle this? If I ignore this, will the board shut off, and cause a nose dive?

  • @wheelcity Lasts question about overcharging. I also live on a hill "The Hill" in Boulder Colorado. Your approach is absolutely the best way to handle this IMHO.

    I live 2 blocks from CU campus and they have wonderful bike trails that blend into city bike trails when you get past campus.

    The Onewheel is the best purchase of my life!

  • @wheelcity last point...if you ignore the board will shut off to prevent over charging. You have to turn the board off and back on to ride again. I think the app says wait an hour but I believe that's when it thinks the board is plugged in (might say in the message).

  • So glad you're enjoying the board bro!! It's everything you thought it would be and more right!? The knee soreness should improve with riding more, don't sweat it. All I can add is know that on the OW+ a lot of nosedives happen when you're below 20% or accelerating uphill. Other than that, keep having fun and trying new things!! Peace man!

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