Does Regen Occur at Any Speed?

  • Tried searching for this but didn't find anything. I live in mortal fear of a nose diving when riding the downhill side of a freeway overpass that I have to take to get to my watering hole, and if the attractive bartenders don't know I ride a OneWheel, then what good is it?

    My question is: Does OneWheel+ regen at ANY speed or if I slow to a crawl will I reduce the chances of nose-dive from overcharging/a power surge?

  • I think the app shows when regeneration occurs, so it shouldn't be difficult to test at low speed.
    I was actually wondering if going down hill full speed would prevent regen since the board wouldn't have to engage the breaks, but I am too scared to try that and watch the app at the same time.

  • @sfctac Not a bad idea. It's worth a shot.

  • Regen occurs at any speed, as long as you are slowing down as it's the braking action that gives you the regen. Obviously you get more regen braking at good speed when traveling downhill, but you can get regen going slower, you'll just get less.

  • What he said... It doesn’t choose to regen, it’s an integral part of the speed and braking control. Designed such that any reverse torque applied will always be regenerative, that’s why it has the full battery shutdown protection.

  • @readysetawesome gotcha, so (and please forgive me as I'm terrible at math and electrical engineering), can I assume that I will regenerate less electricity if I ascend an overpass doing 15mph and then descend the other side going 4mph and thus, avoid a potential battery shutdown and tumble down the street?

  • @cba20k If going up the hill is the same height as the decent on the other side of the hill then an overcharge won't likely happen because the inefficiency of regen allows you to get back a portion of what you spent on the ascent. The problem is if you have a full charge and you need to go down a hill FIRST. Going up a hill first is always preferred - otherwise if you cannot avoid going down first, don't fully charge your batteries to allow for some regen headroom.

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