Hercules GS302B Guitar Stand is great for OW & OW+

  • The Hercules GS302B Guitar Stand fits the OW & OW+ beautifully. I bought it on Amazon in Japan for $15 (looks like it's twice that in the US).

    A few points to consider:

    • The pictures are the GS302B (electric) not the GS301B (acoustic)
    • When fully opened, it's a bit too wide... so I opened it to the useful width.
    • Looks like the padding on the stand will be destroyed by the OWs weight pretty quickly, but that won't affect it's functionality as a stand.

    4_1506566309683_OnewheelGuitarStand - 5.jpg 3_1506566309683_OnewheelGuitarStand - 4.jpg 2_1506566309683_OnewheelGuitarStand - 3.jpg 1_1506566309682_OnewheelGuitarStand - 2.jpg 0_1506566309682_OnewheelGuitarStand - 1.jpg

  • Awesome. Looks great. Just ordered. It was nearly $30 on Amazon (little less). Link here for anyone looking to buy in US.

  • Looks so nice...I ordered it twice (got one for work).

  • Great that it folds flat in case I need to store it.

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