Acceleration issue

  • Noticed that when battery drops below 50% the board will accelerate in a sketchy fashion. Happened 3 times now. 1st 2 Times I crashed, 3rd time I was ready, didn’t panic and slowed down.

    It feels like it’s accelerating very fast from zero. It’s not a smooth acceleration. The back-end feels like it’s fluttering and the the board feels like it’s going to shoot out from under me.

    Last night I felt it happening and instead of trying to lean forward, like I had been doing, I leaned back and the board slowed down. Not sure if it’s the board or if it’s me being tired 3+ miles when it happens.

    Not trying to go fast, average around 15mph when I ride. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • @yojimbo from what I recall reading on this board it might be a result of the Andromeda update. What mode? I think many comments were that the surging was happening often in Mission vs. Delirium.

  • @bsulla

    Always ride in Delerium. Didn’t like mission, cause now that you mention it it had that “surge” sketchyness to it

  • @yojimbo sounds like it's the 'Andromeda pulse', a 'feature' that was added in this latest firmware update. A lot of debate about it- some love it, others despise it. FM says it's meant to give you extra power when you need it. For me it's most noticeable on steeper uphill grades, and/or when there's cracks or gaps in the road surface (a power boost is sent to the motor during wheelslip). If this is what you are talking about it should be present regardless of your battery %age.

  • @groovyruvy hey, thx. Sounds like this is what it is.

  • @yojimbo said in Acceleration issue:

    @groovyruvy hey, thx. Sounds like this is what it is.

    I was night riding last night with a flashlight and ran into unseen some bad pavement... like it or hate it, I think the "surge" did it's job and kept me upright. The more you ride / expect the surge, the less it bothers you. I'm not sure if I would have nose dived on the old firmware but I know the board was actively helping me last night.

  • @skyman88

    Yep, I barely ever notice the surge anymore.
    Does its job nicely.

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